Gönülçelen )) Episode 48 - Part 3/6 [English Subtitles]

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I think you are very beautiful
But you know better
I think I should do a small change
I'm late and the lesson will begin shortly.. I must go now
Come Let us go then .. I'll see Mrs. Nesrin
come in
How are you now .. I was worried about you
Oh how would I be Nakiye?? You should know
I think they will come back Mrs. Nasreen
don't be upset
I wish I'm as confident as you are
I'm serious
they can't stay away
a couple days and they will be here
wait and you'll see
Mr. Murat took Hasret’s hand and dragged her away
I think it was a very romantic moment
Love was in the air
No I mean
I live romantic days, Mrs. Nesrin
I see everything like this
you will see Shewket today .. Isn't?
I'm very excited
it's clear
God willing I'll be like you and Mr. Ethem, happy for many years
I mean you might be separated
you might also have problems...
you understand me, right?
Oh .. I should not talk today
Do you want tea?
No.. Thank you
I am going then
I must go get ready
your clothes suit you very well
Thank you
I have something I want to tell you
Before coming here I met Levent
I told him about the single and that we want him to be the producer
What did he say?
he did not accept
he even got angry
he said he did not need our help
oh look that’s Hasret.. right?
yes it's her
Let's go to them
Miss Hasret
it's really you
I can't believe I've come across you here
Look Bulent... it's really her
We came here and along the way and we hear all your songs
she loves you a lot
that's why she's very excited to see you.. Excuse us
please don't be sorry
and you are Murat Turali of course..
I can'y believe it
It is so unbelievable to see you two together
we were at the concert Music meets Istanbul
it was a wonderful night
I proposed to my wife that night
we came here after the wedding..
we are staying here for our honeymoon
and we saw you again
what a beautiful coincidence
you mean so much to us
Thank you
Congratulations, you suit each other a lot..
and you suit each other a lot too
Well we should not keep you.. Bye
Enjoy your stay..
Have a Good day
Do you want orange juice?
your call cannot be completed at the moment.. please call again..
Come and eat something.. I can not eat without you
The person you're talking to at the moment, have no appetite to eat
Please try again, and don't insist now
Oh my God!!
girl you lost your mind from listening to that answering machine
at least have some tea
I told you I do not want to Gülnaz.. stop insisting
I'll get you milk mixed with sugar
I'm burning up here and you tell me "milk and sugar"
your call cannot be completed at the moment.. please call again..
Is it closed?
yes closed and all roads are closed too
Oh! my God i'm really worried about that girl
Mrs. Saime, she'll really loose her mind if she continue like that
sister, don't exagerate
love will make you feel very upset but it won't make you lose your mind
When your lover leaves you, you will be fine with time
look Kadir has become a “love professor”
Cobra are you calling Jafer?
I am talking to you Cobra
what happened to Jafer? Did you call him?
my rose, they liked our team last night
I'm trying to contact members of the team when I finish I'll call Jafer
who will be replacing Balçiçek?
where did you hear buse? Did I say Buse?
yes you said Buse.. you said Buse yourself.. YOU said Buse
I did not say Buse.. I said Sude.. Sude
the one who lives in the alley down there
Sude 52, the ice Sude
Mrs. Saime, I say Sude and she hears Buse?
but Sude is very old, she's not going on stage and singing
What can I do? I have no choice, I'll prepare her and see what happens
I will talk with her and, God willing, she will agree
ok then.. go
hey listen to me
I do not want to see Buse near you
Buse's relationship with me is like the relationship Besiktas-Schuster
Buse Schuster
did you understand?
you didn't understand it, see you
are you finished shall we go?
I am enjoying my coffee.. we do not need to rush
Yes, we need
would you like anything else?
Thank you we're going to leave now
why the rush? I do not understand
We will go and study Murat
the study is over
no it's not
We are going to try again..
come on..
Do you like Baked Zucchini Pie?
Baked Zucchini Pie
lighter than the fried one but tasty as well
if you eat one serving you'll ask for a second
I have found a new recipe on the internet
What do you think?
it sounds good
I'm still in the preparation stage
I will start the actual cooking work shortly
But I admit, I am afraid
Now I understand
You're inviting me to cook and not to eat
No, no
You won't interfer in the cooking at all
You can only stand beside me
and give some recommendations
But cooking and final decisions are mine
I get it, you want to chat with someone while you cook
No, I don't want to eat all this food by myself, Jeren
are you coming?
I'll enter the lesson now and when I finish I'll come
Okl, wonderful I'm waiting for you
I will prepare the ingredients
Do you need anything?
Parsley.. yes Parsley
Ok, I'll get the parsley
impossible Hasret
the composition is not good.. It is not good at all
We can change the parts you don't like
You're the person who told me to trust myself and my abilities
Now, I say the same things you
you're a good composer
You even taught the flower girl music notation and how to sing
Look Hasret
First, I do not want to work now
second of all the composition is nowhere to be found
Because I ripped it
I could not find all the pieces
But when you take a look you'll know what’s missing anyway
Come on
you've given this melody more importance than it deserves
now this piece of paper is valuable for me even if it is incomplete
every composition of yours is very valuable for me
So we will try it again..
Come on
"My heart feels gloomy now without you"
"All alone in one corner"
"How could you leave so suddenly?"
"Our love is left half finished"
How are you Gülnaz? - Okay Iavtah -
I'm fine girl
isn't this Sude?
yes it's Sude
move a bit..
- Sude, how are you? - Gülnaz
- How are your babies? - They are fine.. moving
Look.. your luck might have smiled for you again
what luck?
Cobra told me this morning that you'll be on stage again
He did not tell me something
Of course
the man is busy since morning your turn didn't come yet
Look don't tell anyone and don't tell Cobra I told you
so I will go up on stage, girl?
life is good again
I'm alive!!
preserve your energy , revive yourself when you go on stage
I can't tell you how much I feel ashamed Buse
And words are inadequate to express my shame
I still feel pain in my hair Cobra
I offer you all the guarantees that it won't happen again
Gülnaz won't know about you
I arranged everything, and will do our work according the plan
where? Is it the place where you're always in
It is a great place
all great singers have passed by that place
starting by Mustafa Kasser until Mrs. Boland
Even when Endra came to Istanbul, she went on that stage
Are you serious?
What do you think? Do you agree?
If so.. I agree
What do we do now?
1 -2 -3
"My heart feels gloomy now without you"
"All alone in one corner"
the intro is wrong..
the first two sentences are not correct
of course when the intro is not good the rest is not good
maybe it's this place I have not gotten used to it
it's not you that’s the problem Hasret, it's me
Maybe not got used to this place
impossible Hasret
The composition is wrong
It is not you
Let's take a break
Come with me
What will we do?
I apologize to you, I forgot our appointment
I informed nakiye and she'll prepare something for us now
don't disturb yourself, I won't stay long anyway
Are you going to Yiliz?
No I don't go to Yiliz
I can do it all at home with support from the Department of Health
I do everything at home
I do all the wonderful things in the house
But is there any risks?
At first, we were frightened, of course
But they provided us with the required training
I do everything in my house and I'm very comfortable
my blood test are always within normal range
I'm not forced to deal with large quantities of drugs
Yes, in fact, you look better
I have changed my standards of living since that day
I'm positive and I live my day to the fullest
I have more energy and I'm more active
I am very happy
It's been a long time since we met
How are things in your life? Is everything okay?
this topic will take a long time
Take off your shoes
Stepping on the grass is good
Come on
Come on
I was very impressed by this treatment system
I can see you're more healthy now
let's meet again and have wonderful time, like today
Of course, dear
Have a nice day and say Hi to Ethem and Murat
I will
what..? AAaaa
Look what happened to my hair?
What have you done Nakiye?
I thought a little change will be good, but it didn't turn out well
Oh my God Nakiye!!
why Nakiye? you have beautiful hair
What shall I do now Mrs. Nesrin? Can I wash them?
If I don't wash it I won't go to the appointment
if Shewket sees me he'll end our relationship before it starts
Go and wash immediately
Get out of my hair