ASL video at NYC's Times Square

Uploaded by convorelay on 16.05.2012

New York City!
Imagine yourself walking downtown...
Among the skyscrapers and passing by crowds of people at all hours.
You get to Times Square, and the neon lights dazzle you.
Film, TV, ads, newspapers bombard you from everywhere.
Imagine... you look upward and unexpectedly see this...
We at Convo are proud to partner with ADWAS.
(Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services.)
We are partnering with them on bringing their video PSA to Times Square.
(Public Service Announcement.)
So that people know about ADWAS.
Meet Tiffany, the executive director of ADWAS.
Oh yes, we’re thrilled to have this opportunity.
I think the PSA will bring our community across the country together...
And start a nationwide dialogue on ending abuse.
The PSA will be shown for two months,
And repeat every hour throughout the day.
This means thousands of people, hearing and deaf, will be exposed to the PSA.
Okay, after you’ve seen the ADWAS PSA... what can you do next?
There are several ways you can take action.
First, join our movement in ending abuse.
You could call our national videophone hotline for information.
Most important, make clear to yourself, family members, friends who need services...
That they are not alone.
We at Convo strongly believe that the Deaf Community needs to come together.
By connecting and making exchanges with each other...
We can become powerful...
And make changes, make a difference.
So the PSA is there, is that all to it?
No... if you’re visiting NYC or if you live there...
You see the PSA... take a picture or a video of it, of yourself.
And further spread awareness of the PSA... by posting to Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
Share the message with everyone.
ADWAS wants to thank Convo for their partnership.
We also need you to partner with us too.
Thank you.