Elmer's Glue-All: How to Make an Egg Carton Caterpillar

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 20.04.2010

we are going to create an egg carton caterpillar which will keep your kids
entertained at least for a little while
to create this caterpillar you're going to need an empty egg carton
some glue
construction paper
jiggly eyes
and pipe cleaners
to get started
cut the lid off of the egg carton
we're going to be using the bottom section of the egg cartons for this
cut off the lip of the egg carton if it sticks out
you might need to help your kids with this part or make sure they have to save
next cut the egg carton in half lengthwise
have your kids paint the egg carton in whichever color they want
they can paint spots
or stripes
once the paint has dried completely
glued two jiggly eyes to the front section of the egg cartons
hold until you feel sick
once you feel it stick
you can draw a mouth in with markers
construction paper into six strips
these are going to be for the legs
make sure ieach strip is cut slightly wider than the width of the egg carton
so that is sticks out on both sides
strips to the separators in-between each section
take your pipe cleaner
cut in half
you're going to poke a hole in the front top section of the egg carton
and these are it's antenna
in a few quick steps you have created an egg carton caterpillar
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