Shankaboot - Episode 12: Shankaboot Redux

Uploaded by Shankaboot on 11.06.2010

Are Mr. Samir's stuff done?
Thanks, man!
How much is it, Mr.?
4,000 LL
How much do you have?
2,000 LL
It's ok, what can I do, God will recompensate me
Thank you
You think they saw us?
Not every police car is after us!
He's probably cruising, this one!
So where do we go to?
We have to leave Beirut
Where to then?
Chez God, wanna come?
Do you have enough gas?
No, I don't have any gas
We have to go home and get money
Oh, dear, what a sight!
Candidate for the municipal elections?
I wouldn't hire you as a garbage man here!
You're pouting as well?
Here you go!
You've been needing a shower since this morning!
I swear it wasn't me!
Come here before someone sees you!
That's how you treat me, Suleiman?
I take the humiliation for you from the owner of the building?
Three large, heavy men came to your room & destroyed your furniture!
Look where they threw your stuff!
I swear I couldn't do anything!
And you? Today you're wearing heels that are "super-posŽ"?
Shut up!
It's all your fault!
A guy came asking for you this morning, Chadi!
Yes, Chadi, and he said you must call him urgently!
Come on!
Come on, hurry up!
Suleiman, come on, hurry!
Come on, Suleiman!
Stop nagging!
"Come on, Suleiman, someone will see us, Suleiman"!
Come draw some gas instead!
You think I'm happy doing this?
Let's go to your place!
Come up with a solution!
Call Chadi!
Hurry, get in!
Where's your car?
That one was for Shuman!
Come on, get in!
Can I know where you're taking us?
Don't worry, get in!
She's coming along!
The Shankaboot as well!