Behind the Scenes: Gulf Coast Cooking with the New Orleans Saints

Uploaded by whitehouse on 16.08.2010

President Obama: Welcome, and congratulations to
the 2009 Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints!
Reggie Bush: We are excited to be here and we are looking
forward to the rest of the day, taking a tour through
the White House, maybe get a chance to do a couple of
jump shots with Obama or something like that.
President Obama: While they are here today several Saints players
are going to spend some time teaching our staff their
favorite Gulf seafood recipes.
So, who's cooking? It's you back there.
President Obama: Sam Kass, he's very excited.
He's very excited.
Speaker: We weren't going to have you guys come here and not show us a
little New Orleans flavor.
Zach Strief: Okay, so the marinade is creole mustard,
Bourbon, honey and a little chipotle Tabasco sauce.
And then just Gulf shrimp, andouille sausage, nice smoked sausage.
Any type of smoked sausage will work with it.
Bobby McCray: This is always a quick little snack right here,
just something real simple.
You can always get, you know, the fresh shrimps
and the sausages.
Just something real fast that doesn't take long.
And actually, you put it on some French bread and you got you a
big Po' Boy. Bam! New Orleans.
Speaker: That is so good.
Zach Strief: It's like the simplest thing I've ever --
Speaker: Uh-huh.
Speaker: That shrimp has really made it.
Speaker: Yeah, they've done a ton of testing.
It's all been cleared, and everything is good.
And it's the best in the country.
Speaker: Come on in.
Speaker: I hope he's hungry. This is your lucky day.
Robert Gibbs: Oh, look at this. Oh, my goodness.
We got --
Speaker: How are you doing?
Robert Gibbs: Couldn't be any better. Look at that.
Speaker: That's got a little honey, mustard, Bourbon glaze on them.
Robert Gibbs: Wow.
Speaker: You've got to get one of the shrimp.
Robert Gibbs: Oh, don't worry.
Speaker: Gulf shrimp.
Robert Gibbs: This is amazing.
Speaker: So fresh.
Robert Gibbs: Wow! That's wonderful!
I hope you guys serve that around.
Speaker: Absolutely.
Speaker: We'll have to take it to the press room --
♪ music playing ♪
Zach Strief: Gulf Shrimp, from the
Gulf and andouille sausage, just glazed and grilled.
It's a really easy recipe to do.
So, Sam had called today, let's do something
with the Gulf shrimp.
So, it should be good.
Speaker: All right.
Speaker: What did you cook them on?
Zach Strief: Just a grill pan in the kitchen.