Uploaded by hngroves90 on 06.11.2012

Siri, what time's the game today?
Does it matter? Do you really want to watch Army get beat for an eleventh year? Come on, Siri.
Is this even mine?
Siri, do I have to put in some work before the game?
You have twenty minutes,
thirteen seconds. 2013?
I can knock out some thermo.
Siri, let me hear a good Army fight song. Please don't make me do that.
Come on, Siri.
Let me hear a good one.
Siri, give me some motivation.
Siri, what's your
prediction for the Army-Navy game this year? Here is the number for the nearest
psychiatrist. You'll need it.
Whatever, Siri.
That didn't hurt.
Go Navy. Beat Army.