Antiderivative Calculator | Definite Integral | TI89 Every Step Calculus

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 12.11.2012

this is an antiderivative calculator program or app
for a definite integral
to get to my main menu
you press second alpha to enter the letters i_n_d_e_x
and then press alpha again to enter the eight and open and close parentheses
and press enter in your into my menu
you scroll down to where your choice is
but in the video I'm demonstrating a definite antiderivative definite
so we're going to scroll down to you can see the difference choices here in the
A & B vectors here
chain rule
concavity that's graphing by hand
cosign of a to the x integrated i've done that and other video
uh... integration by parts
and so we're going to school down to
cross product
definite integral
press enter and were into the
program for this
were going to enter our function so we can enter whatever we want here but let's do the
example here
you have to press alpha before your can do anything and my
entry lines here
x minus two
we have to enter our range
as our function here
when the rangr alpha
and show you what you've entered here
change it if you know i say it's ok
and here's the integral of
of your function
with regard to the
um... parameters for
and substitute the lower limit thats in your
turns out to be a hundred and twenty five
and you
process the lower limit
six sixty seven
take the upper from the lower
and here's your
and divide seven forty five or six to get the approximate answer this is the
pretty neat huh?
you write everything down on your paper
and my programs here to get everything
using the the antiderivative calculator program or app
enjoy my programs and uh... pass calculus