Fun with the Microsoft Surface

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 28.10.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a demo of the Microsoft
Surface RT tablet. With a full sized USB 2.0 port I got to thinking, what exactly
can we do with it? First off I grabbed a normal USB flash drive and plugged it
in. Surprise surprise, it works just fine and let’s us get at all our data. I didn’t
have luck with a USB 3.0 drive but that may be a hardware issue.
Next I grabbed the Logitech MX Performance which is an amazing mouse but
does need some drivers. Plug the wireless receiver in and the Surface
recognizes it no problem, even the additional buttons. With that out of the
way, hooking up a Razer BlackWidow was no problem with zero lag at all.
As I work with a ton of video next up I wanted to try a 64GB SDXC card with a
normal USB card reader. Plug it in and bam, instant access to my 1080p videos
and 24 megapixel stills. Since it’s been working so well I decided to see what
happens if you plug an iPhone 5 in. It immediately starts charging and the
driver installs however pulling pictures off doesn’t quite work even though it
shows up. Still handy in a pinch though. Plug a Nexus 7 in and the Surface
recognizes it no problem and begins some serious tabletception action.
With the mouse, keyboard, SD card reader and a Blue Yeti microphone
hooked up the Surface powers them all from the single USB port and they’re
all detected and working fine. I doubt anyone will ever use the Surface like
this but it looks so ridiculous I couldn’t help but do it. The Surface can do
more than just plug a ton of USB devices in though. Flash works fine in
Internet Explorer which amazingly enough actually isn’t bad and multitasking
and app switching is leagues ahead of any other tablet out there. It’s not
perfect but I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Surface so far. If you
enjoyed be sure to hit up that Like button and if you’re interested in my
unboxing and review you can check my full thoughts on the Surface here.
Anyway, I will catch you in the next one!