Making a Christmas Duck Recipe : Slicing Onions for a Christmas Duck Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you how to
roast a traditional Christmas duck with red currant jelly sauce. OK. So the first thing
we're going to do today is our onion. If you watched any of my other videos you'll know
that I always recommend using a refrigerated onion because it doesn't burn your eyes as
much as a room temperature or a warm onion does. Take our knife, we're going to have,
there are two ends; there's the bud end and the root end. We're going to cut the bud end
off just like that. And you'll see this one's actually budding inside so we'll take care
of that in a moment. This happens sometimes. Flip it over. We're going to cut the root
end in half. We're going to leave the root end on though, the idea being that this is
going to help hold it all together as we cut it. You'll see what I'm talking about in a
second. You can see this side doesn't have any of that bud. This side does. So we're
going to watch out for that in a second. We have got to cut that part. So, peel the layer
of skin off as such. I'm actually only going to go one layer deep because as you see, this
actually has some of that papery texture to it. And that papery part of the onion does
not cook very well at all, if at all, depending on how papery it is. Go ahead and get this
off, like that. And we'll take care of that in a moment, so we're going to do the onions.
We want nice, long slivers to stuff inside of our duck. So I'm just going to take, take
nice, vertical cuts right across, cross-cut the onion. And we'll get some really nice,
long, slender sliver pieces like this. That way we're only throwing out this tiny bit
on the end. So you'll see, as you break them up you get this really nice, little, crescent,
long and shapely piece. Now for this one I'm going to have to watch out when I cut those
pieces just because in the center of those pieces we will have that part that was budding.
We'll just toss that and also push this middle piece out right there. So that is trash. You'll
see it actually looks like it's going pretty much all the way through the onion, so we'll
just have to keep an eye out as we cut it. So, same thing. Just slice thin, eighth of
an inch; they don't have to be
perfect. Cut your end off there. Now we're going to go back through and look through
and make sure we got all of those bud pieces out. So, the one in here we'll get out. Other
than that I think we're good. So, alright, that's our onion. Let's move on to juicing
our lemon.