Garage Door Won't Close - Align Garage Door Safety Eyes

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Hi, I'm Derek with Precision Door.
This video will show you how to adjust and how to avoid some common problems with your safety eyes...
What was that...?
These are my safety eyes....
You want me to put my glasses on the garage door?....
Ooooh, the garage door's safety eyes!...
That would make more sense...
Hey, aren't you supposed to be on a different commercial?
[Sad groan]
All new garage doors on the market today are equipped with something they call the SAFETY EYES CIRCUIT.
This is to protect vehicles and pedestrians from getting hit with moving doors.
The safety eyes are located at the bottom of the track.
On one side you have THE SENDER – that sends an invisible signal to the other side, known as THE RECEIVER.
To tell the difference between the two, step in front of its sight.
Which ever one shuts off or blinks is the receiver. The light shuts off or blinks because a signal cannot be read.
The sender light never changes.
If the signal gets interrupted while the door is already in motion, it will immediately go back up to avoid making contact with the blocking obstacle.
If you ever need to replace the Safety Eyes, be sure you know which one you are replacing.
You don't want to end up with sensors or two receivers.
Because Safety Eyes are located in such a position where it can easily be bumped into, misaligned or knocked off track –
- the manufacturers have made it very easy for homeowners to adjust them.
On Marantec products, there is a lock collar around the eye itself.
The collar can be adjusted using your fingers and hand screwed to adjust the eyes.
If you notice that your safety eyes are misaligned,
simply move the eye till the light comes back on and then tighten the lock collar.
On Liftmaster products, there is a wing-nut thumbscrew on the eye itself.
The thumbscrew can be adjusted using your fingers and hand screwed to adjust the eyes in, out, up and down.
If you notice that your safety eyes are misaligned, simply move the eye till the light comes back on and then tighten the wing nut.
On Genie products, the Safety Eyes easily slide into place on the actual bracket.
The eyes have a tendency to get knocked off often, but getting them back on track is very simple.
If you find that the eyes are misaligned, try to get them back into sync by bending the bracket back to the correct position.
A misaligned safety eye is a very common problem, but one you should be able to handle on your own.
Another problem with Safety Eyes is dirt and cobwebs.
It's pretty difficult to see clearly – or in this case, send a signal clearly – when you have dirt kicked in your eye.
In order to restore proper vision, be sure to clean the lens with a soft dry cloth.
Now as far as cobwebs go – that's a whole other story....
This happens from spiders of course, and its just as bad as getting dirt in the eye...BUT, just as easy to clean off.
Be sure to keep a lookout on your safety eyes during the Autumn months,
as leaves that are blowing around tend to get caught in the cobwebs and around the device.
Here are a few other common scenarios to look out for that could cause a failure to your safety eyes.
Heavy Doors that do not work properly could shake the track and misaligned the eyes.
Water pressure from power washes may have gotten into the garage and wet the safety eyes causing it to short.
Broken wires that have either shorted or have breaks in it could be preventing the device from being powered.
Wires can also be broken by animals who eat through them – such as dogs, squirrels and raccoons to name a few....
….I don't think that last one was a raccoon.....
And, let's not forget the largest and most dangerous animal of the all, THE HUMAN.
Especially humans who have way too much storage in their garages.
Humans who like to pile up things like shovels, racks, hoses
– all into that little convenient corner...and ends up yanking out the wire or knocking out the eye....
Don't look around for someone to blame....You're a suspect too...
So before you pick up the phone, be sure to go over the list of things that may have caused your safety eyes to malfunction.
It's more than likely something you can fix in the matter of seconds.
If this video hasn't helped and you're still having trouble, give us a call at 877-301-7474
and we'll send out one of our certified technicians to give you a hand.
We're Precision Door....A name you can trust!
Ahhhhh!!!....I knew I should have kept my safety eye glasses on!!!!