Camera on Cancer Research: Using Genetics to Help fight Cancer

Uploaded by NCIgov on 15.09.2010

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>>So, I became intrigued and wanted to understand the role
of our genetic information in determining who we were and how
that caused disease since I was nine years old.
So, it is being an amazing journey for me to be able to say
that now I'm actually doing that.
So, the control of Gene Expression is absolutely vital
for cells to make the right decisions
to what its job's going to be and these,
actually these small RNAs have an ability
to actually make genes switch off at the right times
and are regulating how a protein is working.
What's amazing is we can use that same mechanism within cells
to actually develop the technology that's very much
developed over the last 10 years where we can now make mimics
of those smaller RNA molecules, put them into cells
and switch off selectively one gene at a time
and then we can also use it to try and see if we can find new
and better targets for treating cancers and also
to improve the drugs that we have
or any clinical development.
>>This has been the most collaborative group
that I've seen and I think it's a true testimony to, you know,
what we're looking at these days in research which is
that we all can't do it ourselves.
>>Our ideas can immediately be translated into something
that may inform the design of a clinical trial
or generate a new clinical trial or just generate a new idea
that somebody out there's going to take on and use to try
and fight this incredibly complicated
but very important disease.
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