Greek Neo- Nazi politician throws water and slaps Communist woman[ENG subs]

Uploaded by Quantumtales on 07.06.2012

Woman in pink: Did you get a postponement?(reffering to his trial)
Nazi Man: Yes..What's your problem about me getting it?
With that filthy rat from your party..(reffering to one of her fellow party members)
That dragged me and my party to court..
Woman in pink: Greece, apart from the economic crisis..
..has a democracy crisis..
*Nazi man ranting*
Woman in pink:..and this democracy crisis.. to have, entering the greek parliament,..
..people who will take Greece 500 years back~
*More insults*
Woman in white: Get the heck out of here!
Host: No! No! No! No!
Nazi Man: Go to hell..