TNTHII - The most viewed on youtube (Gangnam style)

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 24.11.2012

Hey people, this video is again from the segment, maybe not that much about trolling, but we
find it interesting so deal with it!
We were informed by some faggot
by Grayson Matthew
That's what I said! We were informed that today, PSY's hit Gangnam style should become
the most viewed video on youtube. At the time of making this video Justin Bieber with his
crime against music industry called Baby has 803 658 000 and Gangnam style has 803 160
This had to happen, since Justin Bieber video is the video with the most dislikes on youtube
and Gangnam style is the video with the most likes. The funny thing is how PSY managed
to get those views in a manner of 4 months and it took Justin Bieber almost 3 years to
get there.
So what does this mean? Fuck if I know? We know that the best way how to get the attention
of the internet is to make something weird and quirky, so success of Gangnam style wasn't
really that surprising. It's just nice to see that this quirkiness can stand against
teenage girls fandom, which still leaves some hope for humanity, especially when we consider
that a lot of Justin Bieber views were from the haters disliking the video, or from people
watching to write a parody, or to understand why others hate Justin Bieber so much.
But in the reality nothing really changed, just numbers went as it was predicted, the
only difference is that the internet can be seen more as the weird place that it once
was, and that's how we like it.