Fairytale Children's Furniture - Easy Marzipan Sweet Making

Uploaded by FairytaleFurniture on 19.11.2011

Hello There are so many occasions to celebrate during
the year birthdays anniversaries Christmas Easter and it is great fun to make and give
gifts and today we are going to make some marzipan fruits using a block of marzipan
some cake colouring and little paper cases
one for each of the fruits you are going to make children can learn to make all of the
colours they like from the three primary colours red yellow and blue so we
will start of with a piece of yellow marzipan roll it into a ball your figures might get
a bit sticky so have some sugar rolled out roll it into a ball pinch out any creases
and roll again and pinch the end out for the lemon push it in and theres your lemon for
the orange orange marzipan roll it into a ball and then take a clove cut it in half
and push one half into the orange and save the other half to make a stork for an apple
strawberries again roll the marzipan shape it my pitching the bottom a little bit into
a strawberry shape and then with the end of a cocktail stick lots of little indentations
all over it to simulate the seeds roll some green marzipan cut into a star shape and press
it on the top with your finger just pressed down the tips of the leaves marzipan dates
are something I love and they are so easy buy some dried dates cut them in half take
out the seed if it is still there and roll a little sausage of marzipan and press it
into the middle there delicious so there we are lots of ideas there are lots of different
fruits you can make
I hope you enjoy doing it see you next time when we will make some peppermint creames