Pedal Prix 2010 - University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 23.09.2010


We're part of Team UniSA and we're
here to race in Pedal Prix.
It's about fun, nutrition, health, getting out there
having a go, friendly competition
but making sure everybody is safe and happy.

My name is Phoebe and I'm doing the 24 hour Pedal Prix.
I saw this ad at our school and I thought
I might as well just give it a go.
It's so much fun and I recommend it to anyone!

I've become involved in this through the UniSA cycling club
The race is based on a 24 hour period from
12 o'clock on Saturday until 12 o'clock Sunday
and the aim is to get as many laps as possible during that time.
[ off screen ] You're just about to jump in the UniSA Car?
Yeah, any minute now it should be pulling up.
[ off screen ] So how often do you do the changes?
It's roughly between 20 and 40 minutes
we try and aim for greater than 30 minutes but everyone
is still trying to gather some consistency at the moment.

Pretty much anybody who is enrolled at UniSA
can be involved in the [ UniSA ] Pedal Prix team.
I'm studying a Commerce Accounting and Business Administrative Management double degree.
Marketing, Management minoring in Event Management.
Engineering. I'm Engineering in Sustainable Systems.
Bachelor of Commerce.
Sport and Event Management.
Australian Studies. Engineering as well.
I'm a third year Marketing and Management student from UniSA.
To be involved you do not have to be a rider, you can come up
you can help be part of the pit crew if you're interested in just the
mechanics of the bike, come up and look after that
You don't have to ride to be involved.
Michelle's done a lot of the preparation beforehand
I've only just come on recently, but
it's more just the maintenance side I've been looking at
so just fixing up, making sure it's ready to race
just getting everything ready
making sure it's ready for the 24 hours.

Well, there's scrutineering of the bike and
also there's timing, timing our riders and
there's also recording our scores of our times.
I've been in charge of scrutineering, which is making sure that all the riders
have their forms back before we can give them all their
paperwork to allow them to race.
So, we've got to make sure that that's done
that their bikes meet all of the specifications for safety.

I'm actually writing a three year marketing plan
for the Australian International Pedal Prix
for one of my uni subjects, I'm able to analyse
the whole situation, do a lot of market research and will recommend
some strategies for the organisation to continue.
So, we've been going around to all the pits, meeting all the team members
and asking them questions as to why do they compete in Pedal Prix
what benefits do they get out of them and will they continue on
I mean, you can do it when you're in year seven, but will you do it again
when you're in year twelve? Will you do it again when you finish uni?
We've also done some online surveys to see the motives behind
participation in the event and today we'll be doing some
more surveys and just speaking to some of the sponsors
The Murray Bridge Council, UniSA
and a lot of the parents as well to see what commitment it takes
to be part of this event.

Can we shout UniSA? Ready... one, two, three