Wegmans Super Pasta Al Forno with Veggies

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 21.04.2011

To me, there's nothing like pulling a pan of pasta
out of the oven that's baked in there for a long time.
It might have melted cheese on the top or sometimes it's
got a crunchy top. The sauce is all bubbling up.
That's one of my favorite things to eat.
And today I'm gonna show you how to make one with super pasta,
which is a little bit healthier and we're gonna add a fair
amount of vegetables to it, as well.
I'm gonna start by roasting some vegetables.
I've got a couple of packages of sliced baby bella mushrooms,
which is sort of like a small-- an immature portabella mushroom
if you will. And I've got a couple of cups
of cauliflower florets. So I'm just gonna move these
into a larger bowl, both the mushrooms
and the cauliflower. I've got an oven preheated
at 450 degrees. And I'm gonna season these
pretty aggressively with fresh cracked pepper and salt.
And then stop me if you've heard this one before,
I'm actually gonna add some basting oil to these as well.
All right? And this is gonna flavor the
vegetables through, allow 'em to brown up a little quicker
in the oven as well. I'm just gonna give these
a quick stir with a spoon. I've got a baking sheet here.
Again, I always line it with parchment, um,
you know, with this because we've got the basting oil
on the outside. If you don't have parchment,
you can just go ahead and put these vegetables
right on your baking sheet. That should clean up pretty
easy as well that way. Just give 'em a quick mix
right out onto the baking sheet. All I want to do is just take
another second and make sure that they're in a nice
even layer. I really want these to brown
up around the edges and soften at the same time.
And I'm just gonna zap this in a 450-degree oven
until they're golden brown and very, very soft.
All right, so my vegetables are perfectly roasted.
That was about 25 or 30 minutes in the oven.
You can see I've got that great caramelization.
Everything's wilted out. Everything is perfectly cooked.
So I got that there. What I have here is one
package of penne, super pasta penne, that I've
cooked right according to the package directions,
but then I ran it under cold water. So it's cooked, but it's chilled.
So that's definitely something you can do ahead of time.
And actually you can roast these vegetables ahead of time,
as well. So what I want to do is I want
to take these vegetables and I'm just gonna mix 'em
right into my pasta. I've got roasted cauliflower
and mushrooms in the bowl. What I have here is just
some frozen peas. Those can go right in as well.
All right? Then I have one package,
just about a quarter of an ounce of fresh thyme.
I love fresh herbs. I really think they're gonna
permeate the dish. I stripped the leaves off
and just gave it a rough chop. So that goes in, as well.
I've got some parmesan-reggiano cheese.
I've got some lemon zest. That lemon zest is really gonna
brighten everything up. So that's gonna go right in.
Then I've got some black truffle oil. Okay, and that's really gonna
sort of reinforce the mushroom flavor that we're looking for.
We're just gonna put a couple of tablespoons in here.
So that's good. And then what I've got: two
different sauces I'm gonna use. We're looking for a really creamy
pasta with a crunchy top. So I'm gonna use one cup
of parmesan cream sauce. And then I've got a couple of cups
of these creamy mushroom soup. So I'm gonna put a couple
of cups. And you can see it's considerably
thinner than that parmesan cream sauce because as this bakes,
everything's gonna-- the liquid is actually going
to reduce. So this is gonna make it
a little bit thinner. You always wanna start with
something that's a little bit wetter when you're baking it
in the oven because the liquid's gonna reduce
and it's gonna wind up being thicker than
where you started, so. I'm just gonna go ahead and get
in there with a spoon. Mix all of these things together.
That way--this way, you're gonna get a little bit of thyme,
little bit of cauliflower, little bit of lemon zest
in every single bite. So we want to get in here,
mix it all the way through. And you can see how creamy
and delicious that already looks. And I'm actually gonna bake
this right in a braising pan. So I'm gonna go ahead and spray
this so it's a little bit easier to get out of the pan.
And all these wonderful things are just gonna go right in there.
I'm gonna get every last bit of sauce out of the bottom
of this bowl. All right, and again, what I--
I just want to go ahead and move it around a little bit.
I'm not looking to pack it in. I'm gonna go ahead and guild
the lily here and make sort of a crunchy topping.
So I've got some panko bread crumbs, one of my
favorite things to use in the kitchen.
Some more parmesan cheese. They'll go right in there.
And I'm just gonna moisten this with basting oil.
Okay? I'm just gonna give that
a quick mix. And this is gonna be
our topping. And I'm just gonna go ahead
and scatter this right over the top. And, again, just--just trying
to get it kind of loosely covered. I'm not packing it in.
It doesn't have to completely cover the whole thing.
I just want to sprinkle it randomly, sort of all about.
After I pulled my mushrooms and cauliflower out of the oven,
I turned it down to 375 degrees. It's gonna go in there for about
an hour till it's golden brown. All right, so it's been about
an hour, and this is what we've got. You see those bread crumbs
are golden. The cheese actually toasts
a little bit in there, too. I would just bring this
right to the table and I would serve it up for everybody sort
of family style. You can hear that crunch.
It goes right through. You can see that,
that cheese is all gooey. Beautiful peas, mushrooms.
Cool thing is you can really smell that lemon zest too.
So it keeps it really, really bright,
almost has sort of a lightning effect.
Got great textures going on here, little crunchy.
And what I like to do, just to sort of reinforce it,
I love truffles. I love truffle oil.
I always will just garnish with a little extra truffle oil.
Maybe give it another little bit of cheese.
This is a great weekend dish. You put it in your oven.
You forget about it. You gotta try it at home.