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Uploaded by HealthiNation on 16.02.2012

SHEILA KELLY: A barbecue isn't complete without burghers and hot dogs but these old favorites
can pack in a lot of calories and unhealthy fats. A traditional super-sized burger, piled
up with cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise can pack a walloping six hundred and sixty-seven
calories and more than thirty grams of fat. And the good old beef or pork hot dog can
bring in as much as three hundred and thirty calories and eighteen grams of fat. But there
are great ways to keep these favorites on your grill and to keep them healthy. Chris
Leahy from New York City's BLT Prime is here to give us some great tips on how to amp up
the flavor while cutting out some of the bad stuff. Chris, thanks for joining us.
CHRIS LEAHY: Thanks for having me.
SHEILA KELLY: Now, I love a burger as much as the next person but I wanna make healthy
choices, too. Obviously, some great choices that you can make are your veggie burgers,
ground breast of turkey or chicken are all great choices but you don't necessarily have
to lose the beef if you really want it; so, what do you have goin' on for us today?
CHRIS LEAHY: What I have for us today is a 96 percent lean beef; you're gonna make a
little cumin-scented beef burger
CHRIS LEAHY: and we're gonna serve 'em with a little bit of yogurt cucumber sauce. So,
what we have here is we have our ground beef, okay; we have a little bit of cumin, as well
as a little bit of oregano, a little bit of our black pepperÉ don't forget salt, then
what we have done is we have roasted some garlic on the grill
SHEILA KELLY: Sounds good!
CHRIS LEAHY: We're also gonna fold in a little bit of crumbled feta cheese
SHEILA KELLY: Okay. When you choose feta, it's one of the lower fat cheeses so you can
use just a little bit of it and add a lot of flavor without adding a lot of fat and
CHRIS LEAHY: Yeah, I'm gonna throw some burgers on right now; what we're gonna have here,
we have our little cucumber mint yogurt sauce
CHRIS LEAHY: Okay, so, what we done is we have diced some cucumbers, we'll hit it with
a little bit of our garlicÉ and we're gonna hit it with some sliced, uh, leaves of mint
CHRIS LEAHY: And this is a little bit of yogurt.
SHEILA KELLY: Now, for this one we chose a low-fat yogurt and you wanna make sure that
you do go with the low-fat yogurt instead of the full fat version.
CHRIS LEAHY: The last ingredient that we need to add to our yogurt sauce is a little bit
of vinegar, the vinegar is gonna give it like a really, really crisp flavor.
SHEILA KELLY: And when you add all this up, just a couple of table spoons of this is only
about fifteen calories so it's a fantastic flavorful choice to add to your burger and
really stay away from some of those higher fat condiments like mayonnaise and some of
the other dressings.
CHRIS LEAHY: Today, what I want to do is I want to make our burgers with whole wheat
pitas. So, we have our pitas here, We just pulled 'em off the grill. What we're gonna
do is we're gonna take one of our burgers, we're gonna slip her inside! So, to that,
we're gonna add a little bit of our sliced lettuce, a little [INAUDIBLE] of the tomato,
as well as some onion slices and what we'll do is we'll take a little bit of our sauce
just kinda pour it right over the top a little bit
CHRIS LEAHY: And then that'll be our burger.
SHEILA KELLY: You know, hot dogs are uh, a pretty unhealthy choice, generally speaking;
there are other options out there. You can get tofu dogs; you can get fat free hot dogs
and a note about the sausages that we chose today, this is a chicken sausage. It's only
a hundred calories a link, uh, there is a little bit of fat in it but that gives it
a really, really nice flavor without, again, a lot of calories.
CHRIS LEAHY: So, now for our sausages. Again, we're stickin' with the yogurt.
CHRIS LEAHY: Now, I personally love the sauce that's called Siracha sauce.
CHRIS LEAHY: Now Siracha sauce is this really spicy, chili sauce but to balance out that
kick, again, we're gonna try out using some yogurt
CHRIS LEAHY: we'll use a low fat yogurt now, this is very spicy so
CHRIS LEAHY: so if yo do not like spicy, you don't want to put too terribly much in it
CHRIS LEAHY: But I love spicy
SHEILA KELLY: Okay, so go for it!
CHRIS LEAHY: So, we're just gonna go ahead and just throw it all in.
CHRIS LEAHY: And then last but not least, we're gonna add a little bit of lemon juice
and then what that'll do is that'll allow it to again be a little more vibrant and be
a little bit more smooth consistency
CHRIS LEAHY: We're gonna do it, we're go ahead and put it on one of our little whole wheat
rolls here
SHEILA KELLY: Obviously, you wanna make really sure when you're selecting your sausages not
to go over a hundred, a hundred and fifty calories per link and to really watch the
portion size and the fat content as well. Let's see how we did. In that traditional
burger, you would've had six hundred and sixty-seven calories and thirty-nine grams of fat but
our lean, high flavor burger has just four hundred calories and fifteen grams of total
fat. That's a substitution worth making for your health and for the taste. Thanks, Chris.
CHRIS LEAHY: Thanks for having me.