HetaQuest 37 - Part 2/2 [ENG subs]

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You're Elgnandians, aren't you?! What are you doing here?! Were you spying on the Council?!
I'm sorry! I just got so curious—
Yeah, we were just a little curious and wanted to see what was going on!
So you WERE spying?! Well, you're coming with me to the military headquarters!
Oh, come on! It was America's idea!
Well, I've never seen their military headquarters, so maybe we should let him take us?
You didn't think about what to do if we were caught at all?!
Waaah! Pete had a bad feeling about this!
What are you doing there?
General Bonnefoy?! Shouldn't you be with the War Council, sir?
Yes, but it didn't look like they were going anywhere with me there, so I sneaked out halfway through it.
Anyway, about those three...?
These three suspicious people were spying on the Council, so I was about to take them to the military headquarters.
I know them. They're not suspicious.
Really?! My deepest apologies, sir!
... You're lucky the general showed up.
Excuse me, sir.
*sigh* Foiled. I really didn't expect an ambush from the general.
Huh?! What are you talking about, America? He just helped us!
If we had let him take us to jail, we could have seen Arthur!
Wait, is that what you had in mind all along...?
I guess I interfered unnecessarily, then. I'm sorry.
How was the Council meeting? Did they reach a decision?
It ended without a decision. In the end, they asked the King's opinion, and he'll make his decision by tomorrow.
You mean we're back to square one... I'll have to talk to the King later.
Are you going to volunteer to go to Ramneyg?
...?! How did you...?
Like father, like son. I see that prime minister in a whole new light now.
I see... I must hurry, then, before my father beats me to it.
*sigh* I gotta take my hat off to you guys. Go ahead, then. The King won't let you do it, anyway.
Thank you for the information about the Council meeting. As for information about the Army, I think Kirkland will be released soon enough. The Army wants to use the power of the Magic Army.
Excuse me, now. Au revoir.
What a stubborn guy!
Huh? What's the matter with you guys?
America, you idiot! Do you even listen to yourself?! AAAAARGH!!
There are so many things you did wrong, Pete doesn't even know where to start! You have no common sense!
Was it really that bad?
America... even I'm not that bad.
(It was really bad, then.)
But at least you found out that Arthur is coming back. I guess that's one thing you did right.
Matthew, don't go easy on him! It's not good for him.
What should we do now? Go back to the Institute?
Well, the final decision will only come out tomorrow, anyway, so I guess we should get back.
You're not listening to Pete...
I thought you would summon me soon. How may I be of help?
What were you trying to do?
What do you mean?
Are you trying to destroy this kingdom? I managed to pass information to you at great pains, and yet you failed again!
That's right, I failed fifteen years ago, didn't I?
Yes, you were an imperial aide at the time to make sure the conference would be a success, and even though I contacted you in advance, in the end the whole delegation was murdered.
"The prince didn't expect Âge to wage war and let only the future king Francis live. He said that it was more advantageous to gain a personal favor from him."
That's how you justified it several days after the conference.
Y-yes, exactly. Thirteen years old and already more cunning than an adult... What he did was just terrible.
As you said, that prince who is now the emperor used that favor to propose a conference.
That damn letter... Because the reply was delayed, his attitude took a turn for the worse. He wasn't like that in the first letters I was able to read.
I don't know what he wants, but I can only assume that he's mocking you all.
I've been getting in touch with you so that you would hinder the emperor's new scheme...
I didn't expect you to fail like that time fifteen years ago, but how do you explain this? It seems that I should reconsider my assessment of you.
Surely that is not necessary? I assure you I am close to making your wish come true. What was your wish, again? Can you refresh my memory?
My wish? Why, that's obvious.
My wish is for this kingdom, which the late king loved so much, to be in peace. I don't see how the current situation will lead to that, though.
... Why did I even listen to you in the first place? Come to think of it, you are very suspicious. First of all...
... Damn...
It seems that you have regained your ego a little too much. I should have come more frequently to make the necessary adjustments. This used to be so much easier...
What are you talking about?
It is a burden to people's brains to cover a lie with another lie. They always end up realizing that there is something off.
You are one of my best works, but it took me too long to accomplish it.
Let's see, how can I change your mind? I am being merciful, you know. You were going to be used as a simple chess piece, but you are too clever.
You are going to forget what was said here. Do you hear me? You will forget all about it.
Your wish is for King Francis to die so that your son can be king. That is why you and I are working together.
Our true goal fifteen years ago was to murder both Francis and his delegation. However, Gilbert foiled our plans.
Do you believe me?
... Oh, right. I'm sorry I forgot my true wish and doubted you.
That is quite all right. Now, if you hand over Francis to Ära, your wish will come true.
Go see Francis tonight. The plan will be ruined if you fail, so I will lend you some of my power.
Take this pendant with you. Insist on giving it to Francis personally. As soon as I hear the password, I will come.
I understand. It's "under chaos", right? I'll summon you when the time is right.
I forget what I wanted to tell you. I'm sorry for summoning you all of a sudden. Goodbye.
See you soon.
I didn't expect a father and son reunion. Your timing is a little off, though.
Did Charles also come to see you, then?
He volunteered to go to Ära. He said he just couldn't let his father or his children die if he could do anything about it.
Damn Charles, imitating me like that...
Don't say that. Charles has a beautiful way of life. He's full of royal dignity and pride.
No wonder, though, since he was raised to be king until he was fourteen.
Your Majesty, that matter was settled 32 years ago. It's in the past now.
Yes, until Charles was fifteen, my father planned on adopting him if he couldn't have a child of his own.
If I had been born a little later, Charles would have become king instead.
I never knew about that, so I grew up as a selfish child, only caring about my father's love.
Sometimes I actually wonder, Charles has done so much for me, but what have I ever done for him?
That was his destiny. I was very surprised when he said he was going to the military academy, but he seems to have fit in quite nicely.
That makes me feel a little better.
So, what did you want to talk about? I'll give you a heads-up, though; the answer is "non".
I was going to try to convince you to change your mind about that.
Your Majesty, please take this. Your father gave it to me a long time ago.
It's... it's the Lis Blanc!
Lis Blanc, the Aide's Sword... a sword for the prime minister to form a pair with the king's sword. I'm giving this back to you.
You can hand me over to Ära. I don't have much more time of life, anyway. It would be a great satisfaction to die for my kingdom.
I refuse to accept your old age as the reason for it. You still have a lot to live for.
How can you say that? We have to hand someone over to them. There's no other way to avert a war.
If you can't make a decision, I'll take the matter into my own hands.
No! I won't allow you to do any such thing. And I have no intention of handing anyone over to them!
Are you saying you're going to turn yourself in?
That's out of the question. You are much too precious to this kingdom.
Prime Minister... you...
(Should I summon him now? If I can persuade him, my wish will come true. My wish for...)
(No...? No what? What's the matter?)
No, no, no!
(Wish... the masked man... my true wish...)
Hey, what's wrong?
Francis, kill me now!
I told you, I refuse to do that. I won't hand anyone over to Ära.
That's not it! Just kill me! I'm not myself anymore!
I've always felt that there was a threat to the kingdom close by. But no matter how vigilant I was, I could never find it...
But now I've finally figured it out. It was me! Kill me before I can do any more harm!
I don't understand! This is coming out of nowhere! You're a threat? What have you done?
My first error was making you go to Ära fifteen years ago. I listened to what that man said and was convinced that the conference would be a success if I sent you.
Fifteen years ago...?!
Even I don't know why I listened to him. It's like I was someone else, a fake.
I'm also to blame for the stones left in the Blue Mine and for the failure of this peace conference!
If I don't die, this kingdom will perish at the hands of the one who has been keeping in touch with me.
If I am to die, I might as well go to Ära. That's what I'll do, if you don't kill me right now! I don't know how much longer I'll stay like this!
Uncle! Please wait!
No! I don't want this kingdom to be destroyed by my own hands!
When you asked me my opinion at the Council meeting, I made my decision right away. Please hear me out.
... What is it? Be brief.
I'll go to Ära. I'm sure that I've lived all my life just for this moment.
Don't be ridiculous! The King can't go to enemy territory! The kingdom won't last a single day without you!
If I die, Charles can be king. Now I don't have a single regret anymore.
Uncle, do you remember the Rose Fairy?
Your nickname as a child? What about it?
Maybe it was irrelevant to you, but you were the first one who called me a fairy, while watching me play in the flower garden.
I really liked being called that, because my father told me it was an unusual thing of you to say...
When they tried to kill me in Ära fifteen years ago, I thought you had sent me there because you hated me deep down.
That's when the fairy as you called me died. All this time, I was convinced that you hated me.
But I guess I was wrong. You never hated me. You weren't trying to kill me. Now I know...
Well, I'm off now. Gilbert is waiting for me.
Francis, what are you—
The details are in a letter I wrote. Please read it to the Council!
Adieu, Uncle! Castle, sleep till tomorrow morning! SLEEP!
I'm borrowing the Lis Blanc. See you... if I can come back.
(What's the matter, Alfred?)
Well, even though you've given Peter his birthday present, I can't go to Heaven at all! America, do you know how to get there?
(How am I supposed to know...?)
What are we going to do now?
Let's take a peek into the Council Hall again! Maybe we'll find out what Francis decided!
If we get scolded again, don't say we didn't warn you.