Luxury Spring Bed with Mattress Protector | Luxury Hotel |

Uploaded by SuperiorBeds on 02.11.2012

This is Chris Thomas from Superior Beds here. I thought I would write travel blog as well,
brought to you from the Costa Del Sol, in a five star Hotel. I shall give you some updates
as to my opinions as to this bed that I have been sleeping in over the last few nights.
As you can see it is a very wide bed, it’s two queen-size joined together, so it’s
210 cm in total, 105 and 105. It’s very nice to have a very wide bed. You don’t
feel your partner moving and turning through the night which is a very big advantage and
enables you to get a good night’s sleep. It’s very firm as you can see, um, possibly
too firm for long-term use for someone of my size and weight, but certainly for the
last few nights it’s been really, really good, so if we take a closer look at it we
can see the base is just a very basic metal structure, very firm, and the mattress is
probably 25-26 cm in depth, that’s very strong, and as I said it’s very firm. This
is probably a contract-made bed specifically for a good quality details, and it’s pocket
springs. The bed is actually a zip and link bed. You can see that they join here, but
there is the zip and there is covering material over the zip, and there is a topper on top
of that. Now, in terms of the zip and link, you don’t really feel the zip and link.
The zip section, you are definitely aware that it’s there if you want to be aware
of it, but it doesn't adversely affect your sleep or your movement on the bed. That’s
it for me. Thank you very much!