15 Miriam & Rebecca - English subs (cc) - 5 Jan 2011

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I talked to the fire service. Apart from that one room in the east wing everything else is okay.
Well, thank God!
I'll go change my clothes.
I need to take a bit of time out from the castle.
I'm going to leave, too.
Go ahead.
If there's anything…
I'll call.
I'm so glad nothing happened to you.
Bye. - Bye!
She'd really almost have burned down the whole castle.
She's totally nuts. Didn't your dad catch on to her being in love with him?
Everybody knew about it.
Right. They've talked about it in the kitchen, too.
But she was at that hospital and when she came back she seemed totally normal.
And she took medication, everybody thought she was healthy again.
Well, she's always been a good actress.
Oh man, I can see that my decision was exactly the right one.
What decision?
I got a cool job offer.
What do you mean? Won't you work for that magazine anymore? Oso y ...
Oso y Toro. Yes, I will, just not here anymore, but in Madrid.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Well, anyway, to the best babysitter ever!
A bitter loss!
As a babysitter? You're very charming! True friends!
We're happy for you. I just think it sucks that you're leaving.
Can't you take me with you? I don't want to go back to Königsbrunn.
I can see why, but at least Maria's gone now. It can actually only get better.
Here, for your nerves.
Thank you!
If you want to you can stay overnight at the flatshare.
Yeah. - As of tomorrow my room will be free anyway.
Yeah, that's the only advantage.
We will give Rebecca shelter, right?
Shelter at the flatshare.
But I'd reconsider, that wouldn't be very relaxing.
That's true! If you're lucky, Lilly will only wake up three times during the night.
Oh man, I'm so much looking forward to Madrid!
Yeah, yeah, just leave, you stupid guy, you!
Hello, can I have the check, please? - Coming!
Say, could I maybe stay at your place tonight?
At my place?
Yes, why not?
Have I already said thank you?
For doing my job?
For allowing me to stay for the night.
I think you did about 43 times.
Then this is the 44th time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My pleasure!
I got something out of it, too. After all I got to see some movies I'd never in my life have seen otherwise.
Hey, but you liked them!
I wouldn't have thought I'd be able to stand so much kitsch.
Okay, it's working.
I don't believe it!
Well, actually, I manage to make it work every day. Would you like some coffee?
My father wants to have the marriage ceremony today!
I thought they'd put it on hold?
Yes, but somehow they saw Maria in Italy, or arrested her, I don't know.
Anyway, they want to have the marriage ceremony today!
Cool. - Yes!
You know what? This time you'll come with me!
To the wedding?
Oh Becky! We wanted to take it easy! I might end up catching the bridal bouquet.
Oh, come on!
A wedding for members of nobility is always such a highly official event, with press and everything.
I don't think so, this is very spontaneous. Family only, I'm sure.
I... I'm really busy here.
Then we'll meet tomorrow?
Sure. I'd love to.
Well, I'll have to leave in a couple of minutes. Becky, do you want another coffee?
Eh, sure, why not?
Oh, you've already changed your clothes, great!
And you're sure that you don't want us to drive you to the airport?
Thank you very much, I'm very sure. My boss will send a driver to pick me up.
Oh, the fine gentleman has a driver! Looks like you'll really be making a career!
Wait and see!
Well, if you don't...
Then I'll come crawling back. Sure thing!
Man, I'm gonna miss you so much!
At the risk of repeating myself, I don't think you should go!
I do, but Lilly doesn't!
I'll miss you the most, little one!
Yeah, that much is obvious, always a woman! - Haha!
Well, I wouldn't mind if you'd still be here later on.
Don't get your hopes up! - Too bad!
Okay, do we have everything?
I've got you and that's the most important thing. I wouldn't like standing around there on my own.
And Miriam? Does she have to work?
Eh, yes, why?
Olli, could you maybe take over from Miriam? - Eh...
Yeah, so she can come to the wedding with us.
No, never mind!
Because Miriam and I, we want to take it easy.
Okay then, bye! - Bye!
You'll call, promise?
If you need anything, you know where to find me.
Take care of yourself, alright? - You too!
Our last coffee together!
Hurry up!
I'll quickly go freshen up, okay?
Yeah, but we're late. You'll have to be there to hear them say 'I do!'.
Does your offer still stand?
Come with me!
Finally, we all are gathered here after all
to partake in these two lovers tying their bond for life, for themselves and in front of God.
Humankind finds happiness in the holy sacrament of marriage.
Who was staggering through life alone and without true purpose has someone by his side now.
Do you want to take Elisabeth, Countess von Lahnstein, to be your wedded wife?
Do you want to love and honor her, in good and in bad times, protect her and stand by her, till death do you part?
Then answer with…
Yes, I do.
Eh. Yes, I do!
Elisabeth, Countess von Lahnstein, do you want to take Ludwig, Count von Lahnstein, to be your wedded husband?
Do you want to love and honor him, in good and in bad times, protect him and stand by him, till death do you part?
Then answer with 'Yes, I do!'.
Yes, I do!
May I ask for the rings?
Now you may kiss the bride!