Baman Piderman - Make Da Band (Ep #3)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 16.06.2009

[Baman:] wanna make a band? [Piderman:] ok.
[Baman:] can i be in it too?
[Piderman:] yeah, becos i sing da words.
im baman
im piderman
[Baman:] i com over da house
[Both:] wer best friends
[Piderman:] baman dat wuz good song.
yeah. but you look confused.
[Piderman:] im gonna go eat som cereal
so i don get confused.
[Tuba:] *bwooonk.*
[Baman:] we frgot about tuba!
it okay, tuba. you can be in da next bamd.
[Baman:] i wuv you.
[Piderman:] hi tuba.
[Baman:] wy did you get green?
[Piderman:] wuh
i don like cereal any mor.
*bwoonk bwoonk.*