H+ Episode 28: Coming Clean

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 24.10.2012


BRIAN: I'll go check on her now.
Let me know if you need anything from the back, all right?
Change of plans.
The kid and the mom are staying with you.
Yeah, I had a feeling.
Get out your notebook.
I wanna sync up and give you some maps.
So you did these
before our little airport adventure?
Yeah. On my way to San Francisco.
I set out from up here,
drove about 10 miles before I ran out of gas,
then walked the rest of the way.
Found this cabin on the trek.
It's pretty much at the center of a wireless dead zone.
Oh, so that's what this area is here.
Yep. And it's relatively big for this region,
so you'll be safe here.
When you do wander out, though,
don't go out for more than three hours at a time.
And for every 15 minutes in reception,
give yourselves a day before you wander out again.
How do you know those are the numbers?
I don't.
I'm just playing it safe.
Oh, good.
It would really suck if we died.
Yeah. So outside of here,
there are little dead zones here, here, and here.
And then this up here, of course, is Luddite country.
Okay, so, what else do we need to know
about those guys?
That cat Jason, he hates you, computers, shaving.
Am I missing anything?
They're not bad people. Just angry.
But if we pull this off.
If we can get to the data center...
Did you see Into the Wild?
Alaska's pretty harsh, man.
Yeah, it's all harsh, man.
But this data center is the only place
I know I can fix it.
We're gonna clean this virus, Anthony.
I'm determined to do something good in the world.