Thoughts on Seth, Part 3.

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The world as we know it is a reflection of inner reality.
We are made basically from the same ingredients
as a chair, a stone, a bird, a lettuce, in cooperation.
All consciousness joins together to make the form that we perceive.
Because of this knowledge we can form the reality
because we can perceive the reality that lies beneath it.
Permanency of form is an illusion,
since all consciousness must be in a state of change.
We can be in several places at once because of true mobility of consciousness.
That's what we do anyway, we're just not aware of it.
Whenever you think emotionally of another person,
you send out a counterpart of yourself beneath the intensity of matter,
but a definite form.
This form is projected from your inner consciousness, escaping the attention of ego,
and you can now also send this counterpart of yourself to other places
and communicate to other people with an image if you make it strong enough.
Every environment is our mental production, so enjoy it.
There are such subtle qualities affecting the nature of all thought,
such emotional gradations that none is ever identical.
Incidentally, no one physical object in our system is a duplicate of any other,
even though it may seem that way.
The atoms and the molecules that compose it - or any object - have their own identities
that colour and qualify any object that they form.
Our body changes completely every seven years;
it changes constantly with each breath.
Within the flesh atoms and molecules constantly die and are replaced.
The hormones are in a constant change of motion,
in a constant state of alteration.
Electromagnetic properties of skin and cell
continually leap and change and even reverse themselves.
The physical matter that composed my body a moment ago
is different in important ways from the matter that forms my body in this instant.
Perceive the constant change in your body
with as much persistence as you attend to its permanency or constant entity.
We stress ideas, thoughts, attitudes that we recall from past experience
as our own,
completely ignoring that what was once characteristic has completely vanished,
because we change all the time;
so the past we're so busy with is not our past anymore.
The person who did these things in the past or felt this way
doesn't exist anymore; we're changing,
so there's no need to hold on to this past or future.
We try to maintain permanent, physical or subjective self
in order to maintain permanent environment, so we always ignore changes.
Those that I refuse to acknowledge are precisely those
that would give me a much better understanding
of the true nature of reality, subjectivity and environment.
We need to accept changes. Changes help us to understand better
the true reality of our life.
Thoughts never disappear.
If you follow thought and emotions you discover other dimensions.
In the dream state we follow our thoughts into other realities - to the end.
We are actors in a play.
We create the props, the settings, the themes.
We write, we produce and act in the entire production,
we and every other individual who takes part in it.
We're so focused on the role
that we forgot that it is our own creation, both individually and en masse.
However, there are other plays going on simultaneously
that we have a part to play in as well.
They take place in different periods of time.
One may be called 'Life in the 12th century'
or 'Life in the 14th century' or 'Life in 2300'.
We also create these plays and act in them.
The settings represent also our environment,
the environment that surrounds our entire personality.
Each portion of our entire personality that is in a particular period
is so focused within this drama
that he's not aware of the others in which he also plays a role at the same time.
We do not understand our own multidimensional reality, yet we live many existences at one time.
Time is not a series of moments as we tend to think;
words, acts appear to take place in time,
as a table appears to take up space.
Those appearances however, are part of complicated props
that we have set up beforehand - of course there was no beforehand, it all happens at once.
And within the play we must accept these as real
So when a proper, a real actor acts his act,
he really believes in this.
We so believe in this that we forget there's other things we do as well.
Time is an agreed upon designation,
a true so-called gentleman's agreement.
Each of us is now involved in a much larger production
in which we all agree on certain basic assumptions that serve as a framework
within which the play can occur.
The assumptions are:
One: Time is a series of moments.
Two: Objective world exists independently of our own creation and perception of it.
Three: That we are bound within the physical body.
Four: We are limited by time and space.
Five: All perception comes through physical senses
or that all information comes from without.
These assumptions - we are focused on the play.
The various plays are so-called reincarnation lives.
They all exist basically at one time.
Those who are still involved in these plays hold reincarnational existences.
They find it difficult to see beyond them.
Some rest in between the productions,
try to communicate with those who are still taking part,
but they themselves are merely in the wings and can only see so far; they're still in the plays.
The plays seem to be taking place one before the other
and so these communications seem to intensify the false idea that time is a series of moments - linear.
Progress therefore, doesn't happen in time nor in technology.
In each play, both individually and masses, different problems are set up.
So progress can be measured in terms of the particular ways
in which those problems are solved or not solved.