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remember coaches when you install a new contact drill it's important to instill
confidence in your players and remove fear from the drill we need to do this
by using the five levels of contact
those levels are, air
wrap and finally finish off with full speed by doing this you remove the fear of the
drill from players and instill confidence in them
we will suggest a recommended contact level
so we have put together this summary and a level of contact scale to help you
understand how to communicate this information to your players and fellow
it also may be helpful to share this information with parents so they know
how committed you are to player safety
coaches need to be committed to building confidence in their players
if you enforce an intensity or contact level a player is not prepared for
then you're risking the well being and retarding the development of that
so focus on teaching the proper fundamentals at an appropriate pace and
build a foundation of skills by using a progression model
if you can do these things
you will be doing your part
to instill confidence and ensure the well-being of your players
for those of you who have coached for a while
this is just an important reminder
for newer coaches
this should be a great help in understanding the variety of contact
options at your disposal
when we suggest that a drill or activity be limited to air
weaning the players should run unopposed without bags or any opposition
USA football defines air as a level zero on the level of contact scale
when a coach indicates that bags
will define the contact in a drill
it means the activity is executed against a bag
shield or pad to allow for a soft contact surface
A bag should first be used as a stand-alone item to provide token
stronger more advanced players can work against the added resistance of a
teammate or coach standing behind the bag
while still striking against a soft contact surface
USA football defines bags as level one
if we use wrap as the contact descriptor
it means the drill should be running for speed until contact
at which time the side designated by the coach
offense or defense wins
all contact is above the waist
and all players stay on their feet
coaches are also encouraged to use a quick whistle or good
verbal cue
to ensure the intensity declines on contact
USA football defines wrap
as level two
when you asked that a drill or activity be executed according to thud
it means the tempo is competitive
with all contact above the waist
and every one staying on their feet
the difference between thud and wrap
is that there is no predetermined winner in a thud drill
coaches are still encouraged to use a quick whistle or verbal cue to stop the
USA football defines thud as a level three on the scale
when a coach calls for a scrimmage or live action
he means contact should be at game speed
with players executing full tackles at a competitive pace
USA football defines scrimmage
as a level four on the scale
this is the only level when it is ok for players to be taken to the ground
it is recommended at this level the used only when appropriate
coaches must remember the drill instruction is best when using a lower
level of the scale to ensure the players are using correct techniques
if your players cannot execute a tackle technique properly at level one or two
then the chances of them doing it properly at level four are slim
finely coach controlled contact
signifies that the coach determines the amount of contact based upon factors
such as the goal of the drill
the age of the players and their ability
the coach can manipulate the contact level
by setting the speed at which the player should play and their distance apart
from one another
in this case
always strive to match players at the same size
and temperament
if you can keep these options and descriptions in mind
the variety of drills and activities you can conduct will increase significantly
and assist in keeping your players injury free
let's review the level of contact scale altogether
one more time
level zero
equals air
level one equals bags
level two equals wrap
level three equals thud
level four equals scrimmage or live action