Eat too much sugar? I have your solution!

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Hello. Hello. Hello. It' s Nichole Kellerman here, founder and creator of,
where women go to stop dieting, reshape their bodies and feel widly alive. Okay, I was going
to attempt to do the whole house with this mask on. I can' t do it. It s really hot in
here. I love you. I think it would be hilarious. I just can' t do it. It' s too hot. Way too
hot in here. I will dance during a little dance party that we do in the video. I' ll
wear with the mask on for you. I' ll fix my hair really quickly. Today, Halloween is coming
right? And actually my birthday is almost coming October 28. October 28 is my birthday.
So I do really like Halloween. I think it's really fun. And what happens during Halloween?
Candy, right? We' re going to be talking about eating too much candy. Why you should not
eat that much candy at Halloween. There' s so much temptation. So the number one thing
when it comes to the candy being in the house is you got to get it out. You got to get it
out in the house. Get it out of the house. Don' t donate it. Don' t take it to work because
that' s enforcing unhealthy habits on your work committing you don' t want that. Just
throw it away. It' s toxic anyway. You' re doing people a favor by throwing it away. I know
you don' t let me saying that like it' s a wasteful food. It' s just a little square of toxic sugar,
a little cancer creator. So throwing it away is actually a better thing. Avoid these sticky
candies. Those are typically really high in sugar. If you' re going to eat some candies,
then what I would like you to do is eat the little minis. One is good. And make sure there
like nut or some sort of protein in it. So peanut butter and if you are going to have
candy, make sure you are a food L.O.V.E.R. If you sign up on the top of my website on
the right hand side with the weight loss success kit, the second training in there is all about
being a food-lover. And I'm not telling you to not eat candy at all. Do I have fly away's
because of that mask? I' m not telling you to not eat candy at all. I am down for you
to have a little sugar in your life. That is cool with me but in moderation, okay? And
make sure that when you' re eating it, you are completely guilt-free. Because I tell
my Successful Weight Loss School students all the time is that, if you are eating something
while feeling guilt at the same time, you are tripling the calories. Tripling the calories
when you're feeling guilt while you're eating something. So I'm not going into whole food
L.O.V.E.R concept if you are new to me. Make sure you go up there and you sign up that
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