"Combini" World - Melonpan - メロンパン

Uploaded by Hachiko1789 on 05.07.2012

Hi guys!
New "combini" product.
Today I'll show you a traditional product,
'cause it's famous here in Japan and I don't think you can find it in a different country.
But it's not traditional as a "daifuku" or a "doriyaki", not in that way.
And it is the "melon pan".
It's known with a particular shape, this one..
but since I'm alone and I didn't want to a big one,
I bought the "Stekku melon pan".
Anyway, I'll put the picture since you asked me
to take a picture before showing it.
I mean, so you can see it better!
Moreover, "cookingwithadog" channel (you can find the link under the vid)
has also the recipe to make the "melon pan".
So you can cook it at home!^^
It's simple a sweet cake..ehm..
this has this shape, but usually it's round shape.
I showed you the picture^^
Ehm..well, "itadakimasu"!
Really good!!!
There is a sort of sugar topping here..
here the inside..ehm..yeah, it's like a sweet little focaccia :)
There are different types of melon pan.
There is one with inside a real melon cream :P
Well, if you'll come to Japan, you should try it 'cause it's a pretty famous product.
See you the next time!^^