[REAL JJ] JJ Project - EP#3 Backstage Episode

Uploaded by JJprojectOfficial on 21.06.2012

Nice work everyone.
To the dressing room, Let’s go~!!
Thank you~
Thank you.
Almost there.
It was very fun and the show was good.
I thank you for cheering, enjoying, and having fun with us.
Oh, it was really fun today.
It was the best, the best.
Producer JYP is my role model. I hope to be JYP Junior in the future lol.
Yeah~ it’s my self-camera.
Hello. Hello.
It is good to take videos of me when I look good…
Yeah, I enjoyed today’s show a lot
and I hope it will continue to be as fun as it was today.
The fans who enjoyed with us made the show more exciting.
This is from our fans~!
Gotta have some vitamin, must have been tired.
I just stretched to perform better today.
Also cuz I won’t be able to go on the stage if I get hurt, stretching is always necessary.
Sweating but feels good.
Then, I will open the box now.
Yeah~ Thank you for always taking care of even these detailed things.
I will enjoy eating the food that you guys gave me.
The energy motivates me to work harder.
Thank you.Fighting!
Wow~look what I got here >_<<< <
Let’s start with the letters.
Jin Young.It’s for me.
Another one, hehe.
Jinyoung Baby~ You are always O~ppa forever.
Thank you :)
I will show you a good performance today.
Please look forward to it, and thanks a lot.
What would be in this box~?
Yeah, I knew it! Cookies~!
A letter for me!
Yeah, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Yeah, I’m on my way to feature Ji Young Baek nuna’s “Good Boy.”
Kinda shy.
I feel bad, I could have done it better.
He did so well!!
And I liked how he was energetic and happy.
I’ve been getting help from many others to feature my songs,
but he was almost perfect to me.
OMG, thank you.
Are you thankful?
Do you appreciate me for saying this?
Hehe. Yeah, I owe you a treat.
Haha, you do?
Thank you, you better promise.
How did you like it today, JB?
Oh, it was really a new experience.
It was very fun to show the audience the new style of me.
And I feel sorry to her that I did so bad.
No way!
There are many younger singers who featured my songs since “My Ear’s Candy,”
but anyways I will remember JB for a long time.
I too enjoyed a lot today.
Thank you so much.
Yepp, Bye.
Did I say well??
Haha, bye.
Thank you everyone.
I’m at one of the weekly music shows.
It’s about to begin, and I’m very nervous.
I will show an exciting performance today,
so please keep your eyes on me.
And now, I’m heading to the backstage.
Ok, so we're here. JB bro is getting ready now, so he may be late.
I loved autography meeting with the fans yesterday at Busan and Daegu.
Please stay tuned :) Muahh