Gönülçelen )) Episode 14 - Part 2/8 [English Subtitles]

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(Nesrin tells Ethem about Murat’s confession)
he fell in love with the sculpture he created
I think the opposite He fell in love with the wild thing he couldn't shape or tame
(Nesrin says she kept Ethem too long.. and she leaves)
what else do you think about me Hasret?
You think I'm strict, control freak, and bossy oh and have a sulky face What else?
look at that man. He came all the way from his country
I bet he missed his family so much. I should be thankful I guess
welcome. What would you like?
Oh he speaks Turkish
Hello!! How are you? What is your name?
Jin Sung Ms.
what sung?
Jin Sung
nice to meet you Jin Sung. My name is Hasret
shall we order now Hasret? We'll have some makisushi
right away sir
what did you say? I didn't understand
you wanted to eat something different
so what are we eating?
Seafood. Shrimps, crab and fish
are we going to eat with these sticks?
Is there no fork?
actually you don't need a fork
Look you can control the sticks with your index finger and your thumb
How do you do that let me see?
hold it like this. Put your finger here.. see you can do it
you see, you're like this. Like a puzzle and when I solve it a little I get excited
Especially when we're doing something together
When I'm close to you it feels like the world is being recreated again
If I succeed to become like how you want me to be you won't let go of me
Oh dear! and of course there is always the chance that I won't become like how you want me to be
Fork! Please..
As you said. I'm such a big headed and stubborn man that I don't intend to let go of anything
There is always a way to reach a happy ending
Oh.. oh god..
calm down. It isn't important
I want to go home
(Balçiçek tells Cobra that the man is serious about Gülnaz and that he wants to marry her)
thank you and I am sorry about..
Its ok. And no need to thank me
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night to you too
and good night to you too
good night
good night
Good night Mrs. Nesrin
good night to you too mom
you're about to destroy everything we created until now You're running after shadows Saime
It's not a shadow. It's there like daylight. It’s like I can touch it if I reach out
not so close. There is someone else now who knows our secret
(Gülnaz goes to Kadriye’s shop to call hasret) ( Cihan sees her)
can you learn to carry your mobile around with you?
I am sorry
Oh they're calling from home
Is it your dad?
you never used to call at this hour
where is he calling from?
from the market. It's Gülnaz
I just wanted to hear your voice
It's good you called
Is something wrong?
no there is nothing wrong
You know Mr. Murat... Well he held my hand today
what seriously?
well just to cross the street you know
I see. I want to complain about an idiot. I sometimes want to run away and never come back
you? Run away?
as if you travel a lot. All you know as a different house is Murat’s house and as a different bird species you know crows
and as snake species all you know is Cobra’s
Good night
(Nakiye calls the shop. Asking for Burhan and Gülnaz answers)
(She tells her to forget about her dad as she will be upset in the long run)
(She tells Nakiye that there are younger people waiting in the queue to get married)
(and that her dad has lost his go because he married 3 times)
(She tells her, for example Cihan’s family came to ask dad if Hasret and Cihan could get married)