How to Make a Homemade Guitar Strap : How to Make the Guitar Tab

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi. I'm Candi-Cane Canncel with Expert Village. So in this clip I'm going to show you how
to make the little tabs that attach to the actual guitar. So we measured out our guitar
strap to be two and a half inches wide. So what we're going to do is measure out two
and a half inches, and put a little mark. This is going to be the bottom of our tab.
And we're not going to add seam allowance to this, because the fabric that I'm using
is really heavy and it doesn't fray. We're just going to go ahead and sandwich two pieces
together and just stitch along the outside. So we'll measure two and a half inches, we'll
come up about three inches, and what we're going to actually do is make the top part
kind of ovaled. So just make a line across and then just start bringing it down to either
And what you also want to do is measure down from the top about an inch, and you're going
to put a little slit because that's where you're going to actually split open the fabric
so that you can attach it to the peg of your guitar strap. Once you've done that, just
go ahead and cut out your little pattern.