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43 years ago
Miss Broome..
The Belmont Secretarial College
Jobs don't grow on trees. Be positive.
Go out into the world and win.
I have every confidence in you.
Good luck my dear.
But Mrs Price, who will ever wants to employ me?
The New Secretary
Huh, the new secretary eh?
Yes. I'm Lucy Beck.
Let's hope you stay longer than the other ones.
Come in. Come in, Miss beck.
I'm Harry Darke, 30 years with Ross and Bannister's.
Mr Ross is down at the factory in the morning.
But, he left you a plenty of work to be getting on with.
Still here?
Fighting back, huh?
I'll be here till 1 o'clock today.
Anything you want to know?
Mr Darke, who is Miss Broome?
Wrong question, Miss Beck.
Who was Miss Broome?
She was old Mr Bannister's secretary.
Been here 43 years.
Girl, woman and old misery.
Sitting there where you're sitting now.
After 43 years?
Well, she was past it wasn't she?
But the old bag didn't have any family who own her.
She didn't want to go.
This place was her home.
This job was all she lived for.
Good bye, Miss Broome.
Good luck, my job. Eh,
Good luck, my dear.
But, Mrs Price..
Who wants...
But, Mrs Price
Who want ever will..
But, Mrs Price