Nerf Warfare: Saving Private Glendinning!

Uploaded by BeechfieldStudios on 04.05.2012

Beechfield studios.
The summer of 2010.
Statistics were slapped on the bottom.
There were smiles all round, but not for some.
They slept under the radar unnoticed, and as the pressure mounted
the battle lines were drawn.
Skip forwards, results day 2011.
Three were lost, never to return, but two were taken
and we're here to get them back.
This time it's personal.
Get yourself together boys, come on.
[chanting 'Reeve']
[suddenly quiet]
Return fire.
It's clear boys, reload. Boom baby, he's not getting up.
Safety's on love.
Get him out, get him under cover.
It's OK. It's just a flesh wound.
[chanting 'Reeve']
Last one to Reeve's office gets a detention.
Move up. Shut up and drive, drive.
[chanting 'Reeve']
Go go go go go.
Reeve. Mortar.
Get down.
Previously on 'Saving Private Glendinning'.
Reeve. Mortar.
Get down.
[Muffled] Man down. We need backup immediately.
[Muffled] Ah. I'm not taking you up the stairs.
Where's Fett?
He didn't make it.
Ah Jesus.
Fett was my boy.
He was a good man, a good soldier.
The best.
Lets go. We've got to move on.
Lets show them what they lost their lives for.
Lets go boys come on.
(Yousef) Teddy no.
(Teddy) Yousef I can't make it.
(Yousef) Yes you can, we can still save you.
(Teddy) Oh my god what is this.
(Yousef) No Teddy.
(Teddy) Yousef, you were always my bro.
(Yousef) I'm still your bro Teddy, I'm still your bro.
(Teddy) You're a great deputy.
(Teddy) Earn this.
(Yousef) It's still your badge Teddy. It's still your badge.
(Teddy) Yousef. El glande robur.
Teddy no.
[people crying]
(Oggie) No. There's too many of them.
(Yousef) You may not understand this Oggie, but there's something I need to do.
(Oggie) No.
It's all clear.
The Jugger Reeve.
(Matt) We're pinned down PB. There's only one thing to do.
(PB) Don't do it man, you don't need to do it.
(Matt) Tell my dog I love her.
(PB) No. Don't do it.
(PB) No Matt no.
Go go go.
A product of Beechfield Studios, except you can't actually buy it anywhere.
Who knows, maybe you can. They don't really tell me very much.
I'm actually quite depressed really.
This job it pretty much the only thing that keeps me going these days.
(another person) Hey Redolf, we told you before, we don't need any of that stuff.
I'm sorry guys, I just, I miss her so damn much.
She was my rocker now she's gone.
[crying and more voices]
(another person) The pay cheque's here.
What. The pay cheque.
(another person) Yeh.
Right on.