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Can a person be born cursed?
Can a person be born blessed?
Can someone become cursed through association with someone who has been born blessed?
Gordon Ramsay was born into humble surrounds.
His father, unable to keep a job, was a drunk and a wife beater.
Ramsay learnt from his Father's example, how not to behave.
When he was 19, Ramsay enrolled at North Oxfordshire Technical College and his career as a chef began.
Ramsay's younger brother, Ronnie;
has been unable to overcome his traumatic childhood, successfully like Ramsay has.
His life has been a constant battle with substance abuse and homelessness.
He is more familiar with the inside of a gaol, or a rehab centre, than he is with a restaurant .
On the evening of March 19th, 1994, before Ramsay became a household name.
His name became known to the police.
After he and two other chefs were cautioned for Gross Indecency in a London Underground toilet.
Ramsay stated he was urinating in a urinal, with his head against the wall.
One of his friends was urinating in a sink,
and his other friend was walking around with his trousers around his ankles,
when the Station Supervisor discovered them.
Gordon Ramsay would have remained in obscurity, along with his friends that evening.
If he hadn't had a fantastic stroke of good fortune.
A friend of Ramsay's was dating the daughter of a rich Mayfair business man.
Ramsay married her.
After Ramsay's Father-in-Law took control of his career and finances,a legend was in the making.
It could be said, Ramsay was blessed.
"Hell's Kitchen" 2006 contestant, Rachael Brown was blessed with beauty and a talent to match.
But, in 2007 in her family's home, Rachael was found dead in her bed.
Suicide from a single gunshot.
In 2008, after a manic outburst, by Irish interviewer, Jerry Ryan,
Ramsay asked Ryan,
"Have you had your heart checked, recently?"
In 2010, Jerry Ryan was found dead in his bed from a heart attack.
Brought on by his massive appetite for coccaine and alcohol.
2010 was also the year, "Kitchen Nightmares" restaurant owner Joe Cerniglia, was found dead.
Joe had appeared on the "Kitchen Nightmares" 2007 season.
In the episode, Ramsay had informed Joe his business was about to swim down the Hudson.
September 2010, Joe jumped off a bridge.
His body was found floating in the Hudson river.
Percy Foster had been born with two strikes against him:
The first strike was, he had been born a dwarf.
The second was, he bore an uncanny resemblance to Gordon Ramsay.
At the age of 35, things were looking up for Percy.
He had begun a career as a celebrity look-a-like, in porn videos.
In an interview given shortly before he was found dead in a badger's den,
His 3 foot 6 inch body partially eaten by badgers,
Percy excitedy spoke of ordering a new BMW,
and a diamond encrusted soda fountain.
But, in August 2011,
Percy's demons got the better of him,
and it was believed he committed suicide.
An inquest was scheduled and adjourned.
All attempts to follow-up this story by this video's maker,
have been met with a brick wall.
21st Mankind labels a chain of unusual events as a coincidence.
But, from the dawn of mankind, across all ethnicities isolated from one another,
Every culture has shared a common thread:
The belief in curses.
Can 21st century man be wrong?
Can a person be born cursed?
Can a person be born blessed?
Is there a curse of Ramsay?