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Hi. Thanks for taking a few minutes to watch this video your friend recommended.
In the next few minutes, I will show you how to travel at wholesale pricing,
have a lot more fun in your life than you're having right now.
How to earn anywhere from extra part-time income to a full time income
from the comfort of your own home without having to be pushy sales person
by following the simple proven system you're watching an action right now
I got involved with this concept just over two years ago and it has been the
single best business decision that I've ever made
when I saw World Ventures i own my own business, had eighteen employees
big corner office, generating millions of dollars a year in revenues. The problem
was that, even though i own my own business, that business own me.
I was stuck in that office fifty sixty hours a week
I realized that if I hadn't make a change, I was gonna miss my children growing up
Well, the recession hit
and that affected my company in a big big way, I went from no debt at all to
almost a million dollars in debt within about six months, so i got very
open-minded to the idea of doing something else.
Well, because I said yes to what you're about to see, my wife and I are now both
stay-at-home parents. We've moved into a big beautiful home paid for with
company's Home Bonus, I bought a Ferrari paid for with company's Car Bonus.
We vacationed to the Greek Isles, South Africas, Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls
London, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Paris, Germany and several other contries
paid for with company Travel Bonus Program and we've also earned a heck of
a lot more money than we ever have.
If you haven't figured out yet, World Ventures is positioned in one of
the largest most fun, exciting industries in the world
The founders of World Ventures decided to market our products to the same
industry Warren Buffett, Donald Trump had gotten involved in, Direct Sales, or more
commonly known as Network Marketing. So why would two Billionaires get involved
in Network Marketing?
they both understand the power of word-of-mouth advertising and what's
happened since we've opened our doors just over five years ago
as that we've literally taken the industry by storm we passed out
thousands of companies to become one of the top one hundred direct selling
companies in the world
tens of thousands of customers
from twenty countries around the world have purchased our products and because
of the enormous success of our company we've been featured in numerous
and the founders were even named finalist in ernst and young entrepreneur
of the year awards
the reason for the success of the simple we have a product that almost everyone
in the world wants travel
is the life is short and we have a very limited time on this planet
and our product allows you to pack more memories and allies
and never dreamed possible by giving you the opportunity
to travel the four and five star resorts for two and three star prices
our product fulfills the number one dream in the world
and that's quite simply to go out and see the world
our core product dream trips life allowed you to put more life into your
at its core dream trip flight as a travel club robie abis vacations in bulk
we negotiate the price the wholesale or below wholesale pricing
and then pass that savings onto you as a member
it's a dream vacations at dream prices
last year we did just over five hundred of these dream trips all over the world
we do things like sixty nine dollar cruises every single month
we do four and five star all-inclusive resorts for two and three hundred
and when you become a member even though interest all across europe and
mediterranean trips to asia trips to north and south america trips to mexico
you can do african safaris
fishing trips major sporting events like the world cup in the grand prix
we don't have trips for every single budget we've got trips for every
schedule so you can go on three or four day trips pecan two trips like a
fourteen day tour across china
now for all your non dreams trips travel
if you need a flight somewhere hotel room a car rental
we've built a world-class booking engine called rupiah
from now on instead of booking travel on whatever site you've been looking at on
you can look at on your own private booking engine in most cases you get the
same price or even better
and you actually earn travel dollars that you can use to travel all over the
for simply booking for your own website
you also have access to our global hideaway is which is the single largest
inventory of vacation rental properties and the world
over sixty thousand private travel residences
condos and villas where you live your own kitchen and dining room in
just an amazing travel experience these properties are all over the world and
you'll see thousands of options for the last than four hundred dollars for the
entire week
injuring travel is just the beginning of this program
he had during trips life members gonna give you tremendous value
here you have your own twenty four-hour concierge service for the toll free
number that's like google over the phone
and you get driving directions make dinner reservations new research for you
online ur
just about anything else you might want from a virtual assistant
you guys there is no comparison of the stream trips life product anything else
on the market i mean if you just one of the travel side of what we do
you can't find it there's travel clubs out there where the membership cost
anywhere from eight thousand to eighty thousand dollars and they don't have
anywhere close to the kind of deals that you get that world ventures
but world ventures has broken the mold
is literally reinventing the travel industry but i cannot program affordable
anyone in the world
so our program is not twenty thousand dollars
it's not ten thousand dollars it's not five thousand dollars
it's not even uh... thousand dollars
her program
is a one-time fee at just two hundred dollars
and about fifty dollars a month to maintain it
you can of course cancel at any time if you're like most of our customers
who've been on a dream trip you're gonna wanna keep it for ever
of the reason why
tens of thousands of people have already purchased this product
is because in many cases you can go on just one dream trip and save more
anacostia membership so it just makes sense
bus stop for a minute and pose a question
if your mobile phone service provider put together a promotion where you could
simply go out there for four friends
to the same service that you're using
and the company would waive your monthly fees which tell anyone
well if you're like me your answer is yes then you've had your for referrals
by the end of the week
well world ventures mistaken that exact same concept and we've applied that to
your dream trips life membership
as soon as you simply referred for other people who remain active customers
your monthly fee is waived forever
what we call referrer
pay no more
we have people who simply show this video either online or on a dvd and they
get their
or in the same week heck we'd even had people get therefore in the very same
unlike most direct selling companies you may have heard of urban part of in the
past you don't have to convince people that they need your product
everyone already love's travel so they are due on it
and chances are most people you know
would even admit that they need an occasion
this is how we've grown to tens of thousands of customers and just
over five years
this concept is spreading like wildfire in over twenty countries around the
world in the best part is
we're just getting started you can become a representative for world
for approximately a hundred dollars and about ten dollars a month and you'll be
able to earn commissions for all the customers that you are for all the
customers they were for and so on no matter how large your customer base
reusing this video and our own personal web sites
the power of the internet combined with social networking sites like face book
to expand this business all across the globe as well as right across the street
and just a moment to show you our compensation plan works that to give you
an idea of the power of our referral program when you were for just six
others in your first month
with all the bonuses combine you'll actually earn five hundred and seventy
for simply sharing this video with others
throwing us customer and as a representative kashi only three hundred
and sixty dollars so you'll need all your money back plastered over two
hundred dollars in your pocket in the very first month
here's our compensation plan breaks down
every time somebody were for about a dream trip life membership you make a
twenty dollar direct commission
yep six people by membership from the u in any thirty-day timeframe you're gonna
get it two hundred and fifty dollar bonus
out here's how r teambuilding bonuses work when u_n_ role today you're gonna
be given attracting center that tracks all sales throughout your organization
you'll have to teens a lefty mana writing
now every time that you your sponsor
or anyone on your team refer six sales below you with three sales on one side
and three sales on the other
your return a cycle bonus of a hundred dollars
along with an extra one hundred dollars a year for sixty days
the exciting part about this is that it doesn't matter who makes the sale
everytime three cells happen on your left and three cells happen on your
infinite levels deep you make two hundred dollars over and over again
keep in mind with the help of this video that has all the explaining for u u_n_
everyone on your team can refer others daily
personally i've made about sixty sales
but through the power of our referral program
that's turned into well over twenty thousand customers because were all able
to follow a simple referral system
that literally anyone can do
what's even more exciting than the immediate income
is the residual income that you can turn from the monthly fees on the customers
within your organization
once you have thirty customers on your left hand
and thirty customers on your right teen now that's not thirty customers that
you've you've referred
that's thirty customers who come into your organization
you're gonna be here earning monthly residual income checks month after month
year after year
what's really significant about what we're doing here
is that our product is so good
and evaluate still in the state of old after fis years of this program brien
of all the people who have ever taken a dream trip with us eighty nine percent
of those numbers are still active customers on the books
so that's a rock-solid long-term stable residual income that we believe creates
the perfect side business
saw me ask you a serious question
if all this did was allow you to take an extra one or two day cations a year
giving you precious memories you'll keep for a lifetime
wouldn't it be worth it
if all this dead
was all how do you make an extra three hundred bucks a month
would be worth it
if all this dead
was allow you to create a residual income
that's higher than your bills getting it through financial freedom
wouldn't be worth it
there are certainly no guarantees in income here which get out of it is what
you put into it you may make no money at all and just enjoy the tremendous value
of our product
you may end up like many of our leaders to earning more money him ever dreamed
they're taking vacations several times a year
the thing is
you'll never know unless you get started
so here's the choice
you can have a lot more of this in your life
you can have a lot more of this in your life
you can spend your days here
you can spend your duties here
you can get this at the end of working
you can get this at the into working these can be your golden years
rabies can be your golden years
your life
can feel like this
are your life can feel like this
if you're serious about making your life the most they can possibly be
you're serious about having more fun making more money
and definitely traveling a lot more his follower simple three-step system of
number one
get back to the person who showed you this video and let them know do you want
to get started
number two get familiar with the website new product
and begin sharing it with others you're gonna be able to use one of our mini
presentation tools
to do all the explaining for you
and the number three plug-in or ongoing training and support system to build of
global business
you're gonna be in business for yourself but definitely not by yourself
you've got access to an incredible support network to help you build your
so thanks again for taking the time to watch this video
look forward to meeting you on one of our many upcoming dream traps
come join us on the beaches of the world