Deaf Rapper In London (For the Signing Impaired)

Uploaded by DeafTVChannel on 27.05.2011

Hello my name is Dawn, Dawn Jani Birley
...the world is spinning around quicker and faster time is ticking away people are busy with their lives and now I’ve just checked my diary and
...I just have to STOP !
Everyone stop what you’re doing lets slow down the world and make some time I want to let you know what’s happening in the upcoming schedule coming up very shortly on June 4th
what’s happening in this world in the UK in England London, there is a deaf rapper called Signmark the worlds famous rapper will perform in London for the first time in London.
So there is a man in the UK called Joe Collins and his business called JC Promotions and he would like to invite Signmark to London, that's great!
So you would like to know who Signmark is? Who is he? You want to meet him? Yeah sure I would like to introduce him to you and i also have some questions to ask him ...
Hey England! Or how we say here in Finland ENGLANTI !
Hi, OK so Dawn wants to interview me I'm gonna get a few questions and I’m gonna try and answer them in International signs, a little bit of a mix of ASL and some BSL.
If a Deaf person wants to become a rapper, Signmark has loads of experience and I’m sure he can give you some tips!
Ok, my first tip, right you need to find your own rhythm and you need to practice, so 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, once you've done that you decide what music you like you start writing your lyrics and you link it all together with the beats.
Ok, so once you've done that it's time to find a hearing DJ maybe get a team together make some connections, go ahead think positive you all can do it.
How did Signmark get the idea to write his own songs? how did he grow up writing lyrics like Eminem or other ways so how ?
Err what experience do I use to make my music? Well it's different I mean growing up as a Deaf child I used a lot of my memories
and I put it into my music or for example I take experiences from a lot of older people,
I listen to what they have to say and I put it into my lyrics
Also Government and their attitude towards Deaf people, I try to express that in my music.
So working as a rapper, what are the good or the bad points?
Wellllll, the hardest barrier to try and get into is probably radio and TV It's really difficult.
Also imagine when hearing people listen to my music on the radio, most of the time their baffled so when I try to promote my materials through radio
like, "Hi Good Morning, We want to bring to you a Deaf Rapper, Signmark's music!"
and then they get really unsure also at big festivals lots of people come along Hearing and Deaf performers sharing the stage?
and then they get really unsure also at big festivals lots of people come along Hearing and Deaf performers sharing the stage?
Do you think that’s possible?
Hearing people are always unsure at first but once they witness what’s going on they seem to forget the artist background and enjoy the show
Ok so what do i like about being a rapper? Here’s just a few things ....
Number one, I love being on stage and signing but seeing the audience moving with the music now that’s fantastic!
Number two; I also enjoy the opportunity I get to travel all over the world representing Finland.
Also I see young children that are the same as me and to tell them I can do it and you can too. I encourage them to follow their dreams whether its dancing or whatever! And of course I like to party.
Signmark has been rapping music all over the world, but now he's going to London so I’m asking Signmark, How do you feel about going to London?
Ok so I'm coming to England in June, I'm really excited! It's not my first time.
I went a few years ago to Leeds, I was there for like a Sign Camp but my first CD about 4/5 years was all in Finnish, now
I’ve got a new CD out using ASL and full English, I’m gonna be bringing my new material over to London for the first time I can't wait!
The atmosphere seems brilliant!
SignMark music is always based on ASL and the hearing person is singing in English, so when going to London will you sign in ASL? or will you change into BSL? or even into International Sign?
Ok so when I come to London I'm going to be performing with Brandon, He's agreed to sing everything in English whereas I’m going to be signing using ASL,
I can change it to BSL but its gonna to be difficult I used to use BSL all the time,
then I reverted to ASL and now I’ve kinda forgotten it all,
I could also perform using international signs but I think I’m just gonna stick with ASL
that way my fans can watch my videos on YouTube learn some ASL and then when you come to see me we can rap together.
Signmark grew up loving music I wonder did he have like an idol he looked up to? Who inspired him?
Well there was a founder of a Deaf school about 150/200 years ago, a man called CO he used to organise lots of Deaf events and encourage Deaf people.
Musically when I was younger I used to listen to lots of different music
Pop, Rock, Hip Hop out of all of them I decided to focus on Hip Hop one artist I used to listen to was Coolio,
I have a lot of respect for him I learn a lot from him, I used to read through his lyrics and I enjoyed his style and his dancing,
nowadays I really admire a Swedish artist his names Adam Tenstar I‘ve watched him grow seen him work and his really good.
When performing on stage in front of sooo many people I wonder if SignMark gets nervous? And also I would like to know what is the biggest audience he’s ever performed for?
Well when I first started performing i was new to the game so yeah I was nervous but since then I’ve done like 200/300 shows
I don’t really get nervous anymore I’m excited I cant wait to get on stage then again if I’ve got new material maybe some new lyrics
and I’m bringing them on stage then yeah I might get a little bit nervous then again if i know it I’m ok.
The biggest audience I’ve ever performed in front of Signmark on my own?
I’d say about 2500 then again I’ve also done concerts with hearing performers where there’s loads of us on stage
and I’d say there was about 11500 people was in Russia but the biggest in the audience esp live TV was probably the biggest one I performed on TV in Japan
and we had over 7million people watch that’s unbelievable.
So SignMark himself is Deaf he raps and signs to the music so does he have any hearing fans enjoying his music and that want to be involved in what he’s doing ?
How does he get hearing people involved in the Deaf music world?
Do hearing people enjoy my music? Yeah of course Signmark could do this music on his own
but I don’t really want to specifically focus on Deaf people first I want everyone to enjoy my music babies to old people
it doesn’t matter I want you all to come together respect me for my music Hearing and Deaf everyone can enjoy it
that’s why we've got singers I want hearing people to recognise it Deaf people to recognise it come together
and have a good time I’m not a DJ I’m a VJ a Visual Jockey I focus on what goes on in the background
as well you'll have to come to London to see it for yourself and then you'll understand everyone enjoys it
it hearing people see a Deaf guy signing it doesn’t make a difference to them once they've come
and seen it that’s when they understand its not like reading it in magazines or listening to it on the radio you have to be there!
SignMark is going to be in London on June the 4th what does he want to say to his fans?
I wanna tell everyone in London, England, Europe the world it doesn’t matter I’m letting you know when I come to London
my aim is to party I wanna make music with my fans so the best thing to do go on to YouTube look at some of my Videos
like against the wall, Smell like Victory or some of the festival videos learn some of my music
and the when I get to London we can all sign together I cant wait! See you soon! Peace!
I've been to a SignMark concert he was signing and singing and there was a party
and I saw it and it was amazing the Deaf and the hearing people getting together
there was no barriers and everybody was partying we had such a good time!
And I recommend you really have to go to London when? On June the 4th.
So I’ll see you there!