Alistair Overeem - Post-Fight Interview - 25.Oct.2009

Uploaded by DREAM on 25.10.2009

Alistair Overeem
Your thoughts about the match?
I feel great. I'm happy I won. Thompson is a good fighter, but today, I was stronger and I won. I'm happy.
Were you aiming for a guillotine choke from the start?
I'm always ready to do what fits the situation. Whether I'm in the ground or standing. Whether I'm attacking or defending. If the opponent is aggressive. I'm ready for any kind of opponent.
What did you think of the cage?
This was the first cage DREAM tournament and I'm honored to be a part of it. It's different from a ring, but not that different. Fighting is fighting, a match is a match. I think the cage is safer, but I prefer the ring. I want the press to write this for me. I want to fight Fedor Emelianenko in April of 2010. Please put that in your articles.
In what ring?
DREAM or STRIKEFORCE. It doesn't matter, but DREAM is better.
Why April 2010?
In December we have the K-1 Final and I have a fight in Holland after that. Then I want a break so that's the best timing.