Smash - Choreography Exclusive - Josh Bergasse

Uploaded by DanceOn on 18.01.2012


I'm not really nervous about how quick it's going to have
to go to put up the dance numbers.
I've got a great team, I'm working with great people, I'm
going to have great dancers--
very quick, very smart, very athletic.
Then it's easy to choreograph.
When the music's great and the ideas are great, you have all
the support that you get with a big project like this from
NBC and DreamWorks, so I'm really excited about this.
It's going to be fast, but I like to work fast.
The first day that we were shooting Smash was at the
Alvin Ailey Studios, and man, I was really proud of the work
before we walked into that shoot.
I thought it looked great, and I was wondering what it was
going to look like on camera.
Honestly, it was freaking awesome.
What happened when I would watch the monitors, and watch
the takes, I saw my choreography have an
entirely new life.
Smash will premiere Monday February 6, 10:00 PM after The
Voice on NBC.
It's very exciting, and that's all I can tell you.