Recensione Kindle Fire HD - Review [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 11.10.2012

Hi, we’re on and this is the Kindle Fire HD video-review.
It’s a 7-inch with 1280x800 pixel resolution, so it is HD.
It’s covered by the Gorilla Glass screen,
the whole frame is made of plastic, really easy to hold,
it weighs less than 400 gr and it is 10.3 mm thick.
Its sale price is 199 Euros on
and it will be available in Italy from October 25,
with a configuration that is: 16 Gb of internal space,
HDMI and micro-USB outputs on the lower edge, a front-cam and 1 Gb of RAM.
The operating system is based on Android, but it’s really hard to recognize it
through the Amazon customized settings
and the graphic interface is totally different
from the one we’re used to, as you see.
Kindle Fire HD is actually made to sell the Amazon services:
there are the Apps in the dedicated App Store,
all the books available in the Amazon world, the music,
the purchase and renting of movies and then photos and documents
you can save in the Cloud space of the company,
to make them accessible from PC or Mac.
All these things aside, you can still use the Android apps,
because the Amazon App Store is actually well-provided,
and at the same time you can install applications from other free Markets.
There’s the chance to rent or buy movies and TV series from the Amazon services,
to upload movies, videos, or music into the Tablet
and then enjoy them thanks to the multimedia skills of the device.
Those multimedia characteristics let Kindle Fire HD
use probably the best display ever seen in a 7-inch Tablet.
The same is for the audio system, which in this Kindle Fire
gives a volume never heard before in other Tablets.
This device is great in the WI-FI too, with a double antenna included by Amazon
and the MIMO technology,
which ensures a better signal reception than the competitors
and more efficiency in the energy management.
The level is good for the Web navigation too,
you can use the Silk Browser for the pre-rendering of the pages
in the Amazon servers, before you receive them on the device.
This thing doesn’t work so much in Italy, but the Browser is responsive,
with a pinch-to-zoom really fluid,
even if it has some difficulties in opening many tabs at a time,
most of all with heavy pages.
Some slow-down in the user interface or with the heavier apps
show the limits of the dual core CPU used in this Tablet
which is by the way a device made just for the multimedia,
so it does what it’s made for: to best support all the Amazon services.
For 199 Euros it’s a suggested purchase for sure,
also because the quality construction is really good,
the Tablet is pleasant to the touch and very strong.
Well… in my opinion the design could have been a little better, maybe…
It’s great that Amazon included a battery which actually lasts 8-9 hours
and has better technical specs than other, more expensive, models.
On the other hand though, this Tablet remains “atypical” in the Android field,
and I don’t feel like suggesting it to computer geeks, experts
or to those who like to have total control
on the hardware and software of their own devices.
If you are an Amazon’s customer and you are interested in a Tablet,
this is the device that best suits you,
but if you’re looking for an Android Tablet …
… well, I would still choose the Necsus 7.