HetaHazard 6 [ENG / FRA / ITA subs]

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This door is locked, too!
What are you doing?
These computers are on. It looks like someone has been using them.
There's a map of this place... It says the security locks have been deactivated...
Security locks?
Is this a map of this place?
Experiment lab, research lab... Is this an experiment facility? Then, those weird things we just saw...
They're, like, experimental animals.
Hm? Is that piece of paper a map, too?
Yes. It was in that printer over there. According to this map, this is the server room.
It's the same map as on the screen. What's this part in green?
I'm still trying to figure it out. At the end of the hallway, there's the power supply room and an elevator...
Hey, that hallway next to this room was open, wasn't it? But this map says it's locked.
... I guess that means the locks were deactivated after this map was printed out.
So, does that mean Veneziano and the others deactivated the locks and then went to this green area?
That's very likely, especially since the other doors are locked. That said, they shouldn't have got past this breeding room hallway.
So, if we go there, we'll find Veneziano and the others!
Exactly. Let's go, then.
Wait a minute. We might as well deactivate the other locks before we go. It'll be a pain in the ass if we have to come back here.
You mean you want to go further?
We can use that elevator to get back up. We can't go back with that rope.
Well, you have a point there. We'll deactivate those other locks, then.
I'll leave the lock deactivation to you.
More like you can't do it yourself, so you depend on me.
No! I just thought this is more your kind of thing, so I'll let you do it, dammit!
Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'll give it a try.
I guess I'll call Spain in the meantime.
A little earlier...
Web Spinners have appeared!
Repeat Strike
Body Slam
Rapid Fire
Recovery Capsule
Rapid Fire
Canada's party wins! Obtained 100 EXP!
Canada is now Level 3!
France is now Level 3!
China is now Level 3!
H-hey, Canada! Are you all right?!
I'm... fine... I just... cut myself a little... with my sickle...
A little, my foot! You're bleeding a lot! We have to stop the bleeding quickly--
China! Canada--
Ooh, ow...
Where... are we? I'm sure we were thrown into the air by a spider.
We're in an unknown place again... This really sucks!
The spider.. doesn't seem... to be here.
Canada! Are you okay?
I'll take care of your wound right away!
S-sorry about this...
France: The World's Big Brother
[Recovery Capsule] China's special medicine. Restores 500 MP.
[Styptic] China's special medicine. Restores 500 HP.
[Antiviral] China's special medicine. Restrains the virus' invasion. Can also be used in attacks.
[Tsundere Cookie] A gift from Japan. It has the picture of a cute girl on it.
[I'm So Awesome Cookie] A gift from Japan. It has the picture of a hot guy on it.
[Rapid Fire] Consecutively deals damage to a single enemy.
[Revolver] A gun that used to belong to America.
[French Military Uniform] French military uniform. It's way too gaudy.
[Love Letters] Love letters from Parisiennes.
Looks like a dust box.
Did we come from here?
There are chemicals lined up.
Test tubes and beakers with liquids of several colors are stored here.
An ID card or passcode is necessary to unlock the door.
The door is locked.
It won't open... This is bad...
H-human bones! A-are these real?!
A letter? .........................................
I see, so the vaccine ingredients are here. Huh? But I can't find the ID card...
A great variety of bottles are lined up. The labels say they are chemicals.
Are these the ingredients of the vaccine?
There is a smell of oil from inside the drums.
There are bullets.
Oh, bullets. With the same model number, at that. I'll load the gun with them.
How's his wound?
The wound is comparatively shallow, despite how much it's bleeding. Good thing I made a styptic.
Thank you.
You'd better get some rest. It's not like you can go anywhere, anyway, since the door won't open.
We can't get out? What a bother...
I wonder where we are...
Even though we were hurled by the spider, we can't have got that far from that room.
It's also possible that America and the others will come after us. Why don't we check out the place?
Also, this is where the vaccine ingredients are kept.
Really?! Then I'm going to check out those chemicals.
I hope America and the others will come soon.
If they don't, we're screwed...
Is it... another... monster?
Y-yes, what is it?
Oh, the door!
Oh, it's you guys.
Um, Prussia!
So you were all right.
I was sleeping outside the room when I heard this huge noise, so I came to see what it was.
You really have guts. How can you sleep in a place like this?
I tried to go to another room after I fought some weird creature that was here, but I couldn't open the door.
I had nothing better to do, so I decided to get some rest.
Anyway, France, what's up with that scream? Were you that scared? Man, you're so lame, kesesese!
I couldn't help it! I thought there was another weird creature! It really freaked me out!
Oh, you saw it, too, huh? I guess it was still alive. Wait, aren't West and the others with you?
Germany is off with America, Japan, and England to explore this place.
I was supposed to stay with Italy and Russia, but a huge spider suddenly attacked us and...
It's good that Yìdàlì is taking the medicine to Rìběn, but still... I have to make the vaccine quickly!
The vaccine? Has someone been infected?
You know about the vaccine and the infection?!
I read about it in a letter in this room. I didn't really believe it, though. Is it true, then? Who's infected?
Germany and Japan. We're still not sure they're actually infected, though.
West of all people?
China, can you make the vaccine right away? I do have one with me, but still...
Unlike the other medicines, this one is very complicated to make. I think it'll take me a while.
Make the vaccine, anyway. I'm going to the vaccine storage room.
Um, but you said you couldn't open the d--
Then I'll just break it down! This is an emergency.
You just want to show off, really.
I can't come with you, so take this. It's an antiviral that restrains the progress of the virus, so I think it might come in handy.
Obtained Antiviral, Japanese Scones, Recovery Capsule, Styptic.
Hey, thanks. That's really helpful.
I'm counting on you.
Please be careful.
Sure! You can count on me!
[Japanese Scones] Brought to be switched with certain scones. Restores ability to battle.
[Recovery Capsule] China's special medicine. Restores 500 MP.
[Styptic] China's special medicine. Restores 500 HP.
[Antiviral] China's special medicine. Restrains the virus' invasion. Can also be used in attacks.
[Hammer] A weapon made from an iron pipe and a piece of concrete.
He won't answer. And he's the one who told me to call him, that bastard.
I'm, like, done here.
Did you deactivate the locks?!
I've deactivated the locks in the green area. Some places are still locked, though.
You mean the cafeteria? Who cares? There's no one there.
Well, I guess you're right.
There won't be any more weird monsters outside, right...?
If there are, we'll just, like, kill them again. You don't have to be so scared.
I'm not scared, you bastard! This place isn't scary at all! CHIGIIIII!
This door is locked.
We can't go this way, then. Let's go to the other side of the room.
[Japanese Scones] Brought to be switched with certain scones. Restores ability to battle.
[Recovery Capsule] China's special medicine. Restores 500 MP.
[Styptic] China's special medicine. Restores 500 HP.
[Antiviral] China's special medicine. Restrains the virus' invasion. Can also be used in attacks.
[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to a single enemy.
[Flag-Waving Cheer] Cheers on the nations with their national flags during battle.
[Smile] Opens up a big smile.
[Deck Brush] Will become a long-handled weapon if equipped with nails on the end.
[Italian Military Uniform] Italian military Uniform. It's very neat and pretty.
[White Flag] To be used when worse comes to worst.
[Axe] It has a long reach.
[Russian Military Uniform] Russian Military Uniform. It's very thick and warm.
[Hand-Knit Scarf] A scarf from his big sister.
Italy: Useless Anywhere
Russia: Dreams of being the king of an island in the south
The door is locked and won't open.
There is a crack on the floor.
There is a bed covered in blood.
Veh, veh!
It seems to be a lavatory.
The water might be dangerous!
It's so heavily damaged that you can't tell what it is.
There is a hole in the floor.
We can't go back yet.
There is a device to enter numbers.
There is a huge bloodstain.
We can't open this door, either. I wonder if Germany and the others are inside?
Maybe they're hiding. Germany! Japan!
I'm sure they're all fine.
We still have to search the rest of the room. Cheer up, guys.
Veh, veh... Thanks... Russia.
You're being unusually kind. Did you eat something bad?
Veh! Russia, you're scaring me!
Huhuh. Let's go to the next door.
If we can't open this one, I guess we'll have to go back.
Yeah, you're right. Besides, I'm worried about France and the others, too.
Oh, it opened.
Then maybe Germany and the others are here!
Yeah. Let's go in, then.