CGRundertow NEON RUN21 for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 08.08.2012

It’s always cool to hear from Classic Game Room fans who have gotten into games development,
and this is one of those cases. One of our neat-o viewers got in touch with us recently
about reviewing his very first project, and this is that game.
This is Neon Run21 for the iPhone.
So if you’re into cards and poker and things, this should look pretty familiar. This is
basically just a game of blackjack, only with a family-friendly focus and bright neon lights.
And freaking pandas.
The game works great, it has a cool aesthetic...well, sometimes. The environments seem a little
random and the characters are little N64-tastic. But other than that, the game looks good,
it plays well...not a lot to complain about with Neon Run21.
One of the things Neon Run21 prides itself on is that it doesn’t have gambling. The
game turns blackjack into a simple card game, sans the Sin City appeal. So if you’re looking
for a more kid-friendly version of blackjack, this one fits the bill. In fact, there might
even be a bit of educational value for the kids. You know, for math.
But if there’s a problem with Neon Run21, it’s that...there really isn’t much to
the package. No additional game modes or multiplayer anything like that. Just single
player blackjack. Of course, that can always be addressed with a future update,
but for now, it’s definitely a little thin.
Despite what the flamboyant neon lights might suggest, there’s nothing flashy to
Neon Run21, but it’s a good game of blackjack. Especially for people who don’t want to
be exposed to the evils of Vegas.
There are pandas, though. Evil pandas.