CHRYED - C & S story 130 - Aug 23 2010 - ENG SUB

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-We are out of orange juice.
Thought you said you were going shopping yesterday? -Sorry! I forgot.
I'll go back to the Minute Mart and get some now, if you like? -Naw, don't worry about it. I've got to get to work now, anyway.
-I promise I'll get it while you're out- -And the rest of the shopping too.
See ya! -Christian!
You couldn't give me the money for the shopping, could you? It's just that I've...
-Sure! You know where my wallet is. You don't have to ask. And do me a favour, pick up the dry cleaning while you're at it.
That's if you can fit it into your busy house-husband schedule. Ta-ta!
-Yeah. I'd like the number for the land registry please?
-It's really dusty in that loft. I'm pretty sure the lighting doesn't conform with EU standards..
-Aw thanks, Tam. I appreciate it.
-Um, so why do you need that?
-I am getting back into the property business!
-Are you sure it's a good time for that? -Well why not? Market's on the up.
And number eighteen, you know, that boarded up place next to Patrick's is a prime opportunity for conversion into flats.
-Eh, isn't really what I meant. I meant,
are you um...are you sure it's a good time for you? -How do you mean?
-It's been long time since you were in property, Syed.
-I was good at what I did. I just need to rustle up a few old contacts, that's all!
-Yeah, you alright boys! Yeah, long time! Glad you could make it!
-It was awful.
They just kept banging on and on about their flash cars and their expensive watches and villas in Fuengirola.
-Fuengirola?! Listen mate, when we get our place it'll be on Miami Beach.
-Walford's just fine.
I can't believe I used to be like that...and think like them! -Yeah well, you've seen the light.
-I actually contemplated going back into that world! -If you ask me, you're better off out of it.
-I can't keep sponging off of you!
-There'll be other jobs, alright?! -Yeah, none of which I'm qualified for.
-Rubbish! Any business would be lucky to have you.
-Yeah, right! Well people weren't exactly chomping at the bit the last time I tried to get a job around here, were they?!
-Well I know one person who'd employ ya.
-Who? -Me!
-Doing what, exactly? -Well you could be my...
-Are you serious? -Me and you, we're a great team.
Now, I might not be able to offer you flash cars and designer jewellery and expensive holiday villas...
But there is one perk: you get to be inappropriate with your boss at Christmas parties!
-Ok, well I want...
proper lunch-breaks, -Ok
-fully paid holidays.. -Alright.
-And custard creams in my tea.
-I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement..