Capture One 6: Color editing 3 (skin tone)

Uploaded by PhaseOneDK on 01.12.2010

Human skin can be difficult to render flawlessly, especially skin with veins, pimples and other markings
It is something a make-up artist can fix before the shoot
Or a retouch artist can fix in post-production
But sometimes you will find that Capture One also has the solution
The skin tone tab in the color editor tool can help you select and remove problem skin coloration
First, enlarge the image to 100% so you can make an accurate selection with the pick color correction tool
Chose a problem area of skin, then use the controls in the color wheel to refine the selection you just made
Then, adjust the uniformity slider until the skin looks its best
The uniformity slider will pull the hue of the surrounding colors towards the selected colors
And in this way, the problem colors can be merged into the better skin tones
The skin tone tab in the color editor is one of a number of special purpose tools in Capture One Pro 6