[MBLAQ] Idol Manager EP.1 - English Sub

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SeungHo - Leader, Main Vocal
G.O - Main Vocal
Lee Joon - Vocal
Cheondung - Vocal, Rap
Mir - Rap
2009 Debut with Just BLAQ
Male asia group's first time
achieving first place on Japan's Oricon music chart
Beyond Asia, spreading to Europe and South America
leading the world's Hallyu Wave, MBLAQ
MBLAQ full of chic charisma
MBLAQ No. 1 idol making secret project will start now!
What kind of manager have you always wanted? G.O: concerns about us
Seungho: Treats us sincerely
Cheondung: Gives us good meals
Mir: Must have sense
Joon: Manager that gives us freedom
Manager requirements accepted
Who will be the new manager?
Departing for Asia tour in Japan
Departing early for Japan to prepare for the concert
Finally we are starting our Japan tour
See you in Japan
bye bye, see you in Japan
First Tokyo concert day, overseas fans that have arrived at the concert hall
Before concert, waiting room
Didn't they say to us before that new managers would come?
They mentioned it to us in our dorms
What kind of manager...what kind we wanted
Mir: Must be pretty
Looking forward to what the manager would be like
But the "thing" I heard
G.O: It's news
They said there are a few of them
So we each might get our own manager
That's possible, MBLAQ has many individual schedules
like musicals
G.O: We have something else next year too
You did movies and musicals
Then what the heck am I doing?!
What am I doing?!
You should go complain to the new manager
You need to complain
Should they lead me?
Managers should be able to do these things too
Yes, yes
I want someone like my mother to come
Joon's mother isn't really going to come right?
She said she wouldn't appear after Hello Baby
G.O: Declared to stop variety
Joon: It's like she disappeared already
Mrs Son Bang Na - you must appear in Idol Manager
But we still need to see the manager
No use talking about it
We have to see the actual person
So let's look forward to it while performing tomorrow
Joon: Ah I'm curious~ Curious! Curious!
I'm going to be edited out
(Joon, you want it like this?) Curious, curious~
MBLAQ's tension has reached a high level
Joon: Di di di di it's coming out
Secret project to make MBLAQ the No.1 idol group
New manager will be shown soon
Tokyo, N Hotel
Idol Manager exclusive, Mir from head to toe (?) Unveiled!
Yes, I'm in the bath now
Many people say within MBLAQ, Lee Joon is the sexy icon
From now on MBLAQ's sexy is Mir
(Explosion of confidence, MBLAQ'S sexy icon Mir)
Just for Idol Manager, I'm sacrificing
Sacrificing my beauty now
First, we wash a bit
Must wash properly to look good on camera
Please look forward to the clean Bang Cheol Yong
Hello, finally we are in MBLAQ Mir's room
Moving the camera around because my skin is exposed
Feeling embarrassed so please understand
Over here you can see my bag
Mir's treasure bag
Let's see what is inside
I have a very precious diary
let’s look at the very first time I wrote my diary entry
Going to read it
2012 April 16th
Mother who was working while I was young
and my father who is still working now
Now wherever they go, they can go with pride
which makes me want to bring more happiness to them
Bang Cheol Yong fighting
Where else can you find such a filial son?
5819! We are at the room of Joon and Seungho
there must be something inside, please anticipate, revealing now
(aegyo~) Why isn't he coming out?
He's out now!
Make a greeting
Hello everyone
But why are you wearing sunglasses
Usually when I go overseas, I keep wearing sunglasses
Let’s come in and have a look
Why why why~ it's very messy
Doesn't matter, that is the way we want to see it
But why do you wear the sunglasses?
I’m usually like this, want to change my mood
This is Joon and Seungho’s room
The reason I'm here is for MBLAQ’s Japan tour diary
What luggage have they brought, what mood they are in
Hey! Why do you want to check my luggage?!
Mir: Need to check
Are you on vacation?
Seungho: Be quiet!
Mir: We are filming right now
Why you come now?
Please wait for a moment
I nearly died!
This is my girlfriend
Relax your legs
Very cocky
Hey, why you say that to my girlfriend?
She is now crossing her legs
Relax your legs (Yes, oppa) Hold still (Yes, oppa)
I'm more comfortable like this
You should stay like this (Okay, I know)
What's her name?
Dani, Dani
It's Seungho's brother, shall we introduce him?
What's his name?
Papi, Papi~ Hello, I am Papi
Papi, Papi~ Hello, I am Papi
I ate some ink so I have turned black
I will try my best to wake Seungho up! Fighting!
Seungho oppa! Wake up! Seungho oppa! Wake up!
Seungho: Okay enough, stop~
You rascal, hyung is sleeping you know... Papi
Papi is now on your neck
Ah~ I want to eat dinner!
Seungho: What "dinner"
Joon: Isn't it "dinner"?
Say goodbye~ Bye bye~
(Tokyo concert second day, new managers going to Tokyo)
Cheondung: Gives us good food
Mir: Has sense
Joon: Manager that gives us freedom
New Managers, successfully arrived in Tokyo
Jtunecamp director (of company)
Who will be the new manager?
Oh hello!
Rushed to here from United States, because someone contacted me
Park Kyung Lim~ Originator of Idol Manager, in charge of mental and brain
Excluding myself, there more managers right?
Yes, two more
Under what conditions the managers are chosen?
No conditions~ It's random! Random!
What's happening?
Why is Kim Sae Rom here?
In charge of MBLAQ's fitness and life guide
Parachute manager - Kim Sae Rom
In charge of aegyo and order
4 dimensional manager - Stellar‘s Jeon Yul
You can't even take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?
Sister~ But sister has become more pretty
Your head is really much more pretty
You are really still that sharp tongued
Really forgot when did you debut
Hello! I'm the shining Jeon Yul from Stellar
Stellar? ....Who?
Our president is Eric sunbaenim, so...
Shinhwa's Eric? (Yes)
Then Eric should come
Because I still have a lot to learn, so I'm here to assist
Ah~ this one is here to assist?
Yes, to assist, because she really wants to come
No... debuted for how long?
Less than a year
Ah then you should be tired for yourself
Because I really really like G.O ajusshi (old man)
Ajusshi?! G.O ajusshi?!
G.O was born in the same year as me!
G.O oppa~
What manager is this?
Sorry, I didn't interview at all and just accepted her
As I see it, director seems to have made a big mistake
Kyung Lim sister has been in the showbiz for a very long time
also friends with H.O.T. (That's right)
That is the problem, too old
Who are your friends?
I don't have any friends~
What are you planning to do?
A bit complicated right now
Then what do you actually want us to do?
Asia tour work and preparation for the 6th mini album
we gather three outstanding managers together
To create a new feeling, going back to the first days
So we are a team now?
Yes, become one team
But we don't know how it will turn out next
Yes, from now on you could be fired
so this is the situation
Firstly we three meet each other, from what I see, it wasn't very pleasant
But still beautiful women, the three musketeers
You are beautiful woman, we are the three musketeers
I have no disagreement on the three beautiful musketeers
What do you think about it?
MBLAQ Secret Project - Three beautiful musketeers unite
(MBLAQ resting in the waiting room without knowing anything)
(Supervisor of the three beautiful musketeers)
They're here~ What is here?
Beautiful managers~ Mir: Beautiful managers?
How many are there?
Ah, then should we go out?
No, they will come in
(Grabbing a spot, charismatic Yang leader)
Gaining the initiative, gaining the initiative
They are managers, how can we gain the initiative?
(Big Disappointment)
Ah what the heck? Didn't they say beautiful girl?
We are the three beautiful musketeers~ Hello!
Totally good right? I know you all would like it
(G.O who doesn't want to believe this)
You really came to be our managers?
I was contacted while I was in United States
Oh~ really?
Jeon Yul came for one person, here to assist
Who, who? ~ Really? ~ Within us?
G.O oppa (G.O: For me? Me?)
One manager is eliminated (G.O: Really?)
Wait, it's younger sister right?
Born in 1994
1994? Then she is underage?
Yes, she is underage, in middle school
Doesn't have driver's licence? (Of course none) ~ Seungho: Then eliminated
I can use a bicycle to travel (Haha bicycle)
If she is younger sister then let's see you greet your older brothers
Hello! I'm the shining shining Jeon Yul from Stellar
Ahhh~ she just said Jeon Yul and already....
Kyung Lim, why don't you try?
Hello! I debuted for 15 years, have a 4 year old son
Character I see in the television when I was young
new non-stop, saw her there too
Ah, it is all in the past
Since we have come all the way here, can you do us a favour?
We now play the role of a manager, so everyone shouldn't see us as girls
Don't worry, we won't
Don't have any personal thoughts, just see us as managers
If you see us as girls then it would be inconvenient
(Mental breakdown) Hope you can control your personal thoughts
G.O: But you all don't understand singers
I released a record before!
Yes, yes, sunbaenim
I also had a nationwide tour
When it was the concert, It was crowded everywhere
Why do you know so much about me?!
Ah! Why do I know so much?! Wait!
You must be a secret fan right?
Kyung Lim should know a lot about singers
especially idol groups, it is really busy
We are very free at the moment (What?)
We are very free at the moment
Ah no no ~ when you are active you will be busy
So won't you be very tired? I'm very worried
I can do well, just believe me
What do you hope for us to do?
Don't get into trouble
Don't become a burden
Your presence is like no presence!
As for me, uses a true heart to understand each member's interest and personality
We have different personalities to you managers right?
Hope managers can know what is best for us, and care about us
Then I will see you all during rehearsal~ Goodbye~
Just trust me
(First impression of the managers) G.O: Because there is someone there who likes me, so I feel she will take good care of me
Cheondung: Feels like they are here to mess up, not help us
feels like the three people are going to fight, personalities don't match
We don't want whips, just give us carrots
We want a peaceful life
Give us a carrot and we will eat well
(4 hours before concert, Tokyo International Forum)
(Calm MBLAQ in waiting room)
(Noisy~ what are the three beautiful musketeers looking for?)
Three beautiful musketeers who keep in touch with the chic idol MBLAQ 24 hours, first mission!
200% capture MBLAQ's personality
So now, analysing MBLAQ
because we are now managers
but we don't know anything about their personality
we need to capture that (capture it)
So we have to capture their reactions to a situation
So saying, my experience can be useful
In section tv, hosted for 5 years
In the broadcasting and hosting area, I'm the Lee Hyori
So I now have a thought
Absurd hidden camera
MBLAQ who thought they had a schedule to attend
Seungho: Before the performance we have an interview to do
I'm an old teenager
Oh can we have a look? (Joon: No, no you can't)
But aren't you the exposing Lee Joon? (Joon: Ah~ can't, can't)
This is my fan page
Please click into it, join as member, and leave many comments
Managers can't sleep, and still have to work, so they are more tiring than us
When I watch from the side, it is a really difficult job
(One hour ago)
Oh hello, hurry hurry
(*Japanese) Hello, welcome
Hello! We are the XX show
"Teng ben" PD
This person really practised a lot! Please sit down
You practised right?
We have to do well
What are you doing?
Ah camera~ TV, okay
Then let's run through it once
Pretend Sae Rom is the host and try once
The face expression of the PD beside them is also important
You need to show the expression like "What is with this kid?"
The host must be able to do that, because you are trying to understand their personalities
So we need them to do unreasonable requests
For example, I am your fan, I really like you!
Can I have an autograph?
Of course I can (Really?) Yes, yes
Then please~
Haha like this, that face expression
Ah that face expression is really good
Haha that camera man
How can you film down there?
You need to film up here!
When Sae Rom was like this, he was filming right here
How can you film my butt?
Always filming that place, and panning down the camera
Really makes me uncomfortable, a bit creepy
So how about we try it now? The annoyed MBLAQ
Ah Mir, Mir
What the heck are you doing?
What the heck are YOU doing?!
Let's try once more, once more
Really annoyed (Yes, annoyed like that)
Ah I can't continue, I'm in a bad mood
I'm not doing the concert anymore
Ah okay
You alright?
Like in this situation
(Fake PD's strategy is to calm down)
Please calm down
How can you calm down in this situation?
(Real situation? Kyung Lim who is into the acting)
A host who doesn't even know if we are MBLAQ or Infinite or Teen Top
How can we continue the interview? Let's go
PD what do we do? PD!
You come out too! Come out
PD what do we do?
Please be patient, the interview is nearly over, please~
Then give us money first
50 000 won
A bit expensive
Not bad ~ That's really good
To capture personalities of the five MBLAQ boys, prepared a special hidden camera
First, during the interview the fake interviewer will call the wrong member's name
Second, not signing on the paper, but on the body?
Third, sudden attack where the interviewer blindly requests Joon to show his abs
(Can MBLAQ handle the situations?)
So can MBLAQ handle the situations well?
MBLAQ knows nothing about this now
MBLAQ, have a guess
MBLAQ watch out! Fighting!
MBLAQ you will all be fooled!
(Doesn't know anything, heading towards the place of interview)
(To not make MBLAQ suspect, fake PD is introducing the fake interviewer)
(Fake interviewer states that she is a fan of MBLAQ from the start)
(Unusual interview start!)
Here in Japan, we have the chic idol MBLAQ from Korea
Their popularity is very high!
Oh nice~
Please introduce yourself using your own style
I am MBLAQ's handsome member G.O
He is handsome~ Ah very handsome
Self introduction is a piece of cake to them
Hello everyone! I'm MBLAQ's scary member Seungho
Hello! I'm MBLAQ member Lee Joon
Hello! I'm MBLAQ's Mir
Hello! I'm MBLAQ's Cheondung
(Japan concert, 4th time sold out topic makes the mood go up!)
(Fake interviewer who calls the leader Seungho as Cheondung)
So sorry, sorry!
Cheondung: From now on I am the leader
From now on, each month we change a leader
So sorry, because I was too nervous
(Ending with a smile)
Oh using a joke to....
so the interviewer doesn't feel embarrassed
Using a joke to cover it...
Osaka concert is also sold out, that is really cool
(Fake interviewer who calls Joon as MBLAQ's maknae)
Maknae~ Lee Joon
(MBLAQ's maknae is me)
Mir: I recently...
He is the maknae
So sorry~
Oh don't worry about it
(Generous Lee Joon introducing the MBLAQ's maknae Mir)
(Fake interviewer who suddenly requests Joon to show his abs)
I drank alcohol today so I can't
(Because his condition isn't well, Joon is rejecting carefully)
Don't talk rubbish!
(Fake interviewer who walks up to Joon directly)
Oh our interviewer is doing so well
Actually in Japan they rarely have skinship
If you do that then it is very impolite
The kids are in confusion
Let's not look at the abs, I'll just show you a small part here
Because of the interviewer's absurd behaviour, Joon handles it by laughing
(What was that?)
Mir, kpop wave is very strong in Japan as well right?
What idol groups do you consider as rivals?
From the day we debuted, we have always been asked the same question
All singers are hard-working, there are even people who are more hard-working than us
So everyone is our rival
It's a prepared answer, he memorised it
He must have a rival in his mind
(Fake interviewer who asks for autograph during the interview)
Translator: Can you give her an autograph?
G.O: Right now?! (Confused now)
(What is this?)
(Fake interviewer who claims she is G.O's fan)
(Why suddenly taking off clothes?!)
(Fake interviewer who has a tattoo on her shoulder)
He felt it, he is even suspicious of that
G.O's sense of doubt is really strong~
(King of doubt G.O, he is feeling it to see if the tattoo is real)
(Even in confusion, friendly G.O completes the autograph)
(Looking at the camera, fake 4 dimensional interviewer who is very happy)
(Three beautiful musketeers who are in an excited mood)
They seem very serious
(Unusual interview - Unusual interview audience)
Feels very weird now
(For the last highlight, fake interviewer asks Seungho a super long question)
(During the interview, they would give G.O a note with a telephone number written?!)
Seungho: Please translate the last question for me
Seungho: Oh~ First....
(Seungho and G.O who sees the note and laughs out loud)
(Lee Joon's type? Joon who likes it after seeing the note)
(Three beautiful musketeers who are afraid their laughter will be heard)
(G.O who is confused when he saw the telephone number)
This won't be aired in the show right?
(No.... it will....)
(MBLAQ's 100% eye expression, if this continues then it is too forced!)
(PD who is rounding up the show)
No.1 MBLAQ, fighting! (No.1 chic idol MBLAQ fighting)
(Fake interviewer who still bows down to G.O after the unusual interview)
Firstly, their conduct is very friendly
Although we can't confirm yet, but their conduct is really good
Secondly, they have sense
(MBLAQ in waiting room after the unusual interview)
(G.O who feels pressured by the interviewer's sudden attack)
(Fake interviewer's never ending attack)
(Joon who just laughs in these situations)
Unusual interview - THE END -
(Problems during rehearsal?)
Seungho: Timing doesn't seem right
I'm not kidding but there are 5000 people here
It could like this... (What is the reason for her crying?)
At the actual concert where the atmosphere is wild!
What shoes? (Shoes are missing?)
Shoes that look like this (Can they find the shoes?)
(Rehearsal, three hours before concert)
Backstage~ The backstage is very complicated and messy
You are very busy right? (Yes, very busy)
I also performed before
Things like this we have to confirm it (Wow~)
How many seats in total are there?
There are over 5000 seats here
Are today's tickets all sold out? (Yes)
Wow~ that is really something
(Things the managers must check, 1. Safety report)
Is this Lee Joon's?
Yes, he will use it during the song
Oh, where it marks an X it should be the standing position right?
Now~ WOW~ okay
(With a blink of an eye, already at level 2 seating)
Standing here and singing "This is war"
On the level 2 platform, anything could happen, so after you are here
Every corner needs to be stepped on, and jumped on
See if it will shake, safety during the performance is most important
Need to be more careful on this part
Right, you see in front of you there are three screens right?
You can say these are for cheating, machine that hints the lyrics, teleprompter
Ah~ teleprompter
Usually in a concert, they have to sing like 26 or 27 songs
So sometimes because it is too busy, they can mix up the lyrics
So to prevent that, we show the lyrics on it
(MBLAQ members who are at the rehearsal)
Ah~ You are here~
Get ready for rehearsal, what can we do to help?
Mir: When you hear the music
If our voice is too loud, then we raise our right hand
Voice is too loud and you raise right hand?
Yes, and if the music is too loud then raise left hand
If everything is alright then both hands
If everything is good, raise your leg too
We aren't raising the white flag
And really sorry, not all three of you are going to be here
One of you must walk up and down to check the sound of the music
That means wherever you sit you can properly hear the music right?
So the sound can be heard from level 2 too
But it shouldn't be like that
Level 2 shouldn't be able to hear it properly, level 2 is the cheaper seating
(This person will make a lot of mess)
You can't do that, they must be able to hear it
Raise right hand means voice, left hand means music
Lift leg means all okay, then what if nothing is okay?
You do this (Mir are you okay?)
In other programs Mir doesn't say much, but you are very active today
Members have many individual schedules, except for me, I want to appear more on camera
(Only I have none, come out more often)
Mir, sister will organise your schedule
Doesn't matter what it is, just give me some (Doesn't matter what it is)
I will find some for you
She is also in a variety show
So who is checking the sound?
Myself and Sae Rom will go to level 2
Kyung Lim and Jeon Yul please go around once on level 1
Ah, checking the sound while walking right?
It's very tiring
But your legs are long
(Level 1 - Kyung Lim, Jeon Yul) (Level 2 - Sae Rom)
Oh it is very big here
All the seats here are filled?
(Arrived at Level 2)
They started, we are late~
(Acoustics is most important during performance)
(Managers, how is the sound check going?)
(Sae Rom checking the mirror, happy Kyung Lim and Jeon Yul)
The music is really art~
How is the sound outside?
Wonderful, excellent~
No, we are asking if you can hear it properly or not?
Sounds perfect
(Level 1 sound check complete)
How is level 2 going?
Very good, good~
G.O: No....
If it is okay then please form a circle with your hands
(Happily cheering manager Sae Rom)
Seems all good~
Okay, got it
Teleprompter is ready, teleprompter is ready
(Speed of teleprompter will affect the rhythm of the performance)
(Fully focused for no errors)
(This is War song)
(Even rehearsal must be like the final performance)
(One beat slow)
(Sae Rom excited over familiar melody)
Please turn the teleprompter to the next page.....
G.O: It seems wrong
Sometimes you must look
If the incorrect lyrics appear, even if we already knew the lyrics we would mix up
(If this was the real situation, then it would cause large consequences)
This is going to be a big problem if it's like that
G.O: Sae Rom manager
No~ It was because you were too outstanding
I am also a woman, and I really want to watch...
You failed your duty~ You can't be like this
In the concert we have to sing 25 songs
You have to memorise all these lyrics
Yes, concert is not for kidding around
Even just one error can mess up everything
Seungho is angry~
Even if in rehearsals everything is okay, there could be errors in the final performance
If there are errors during rehearsal then final performance will 100% go wrong
Only knowing the lyrics is not enough
If you aren't familiar with the timing of the song then you don't know when to turn the lyric page
Because when we are performing the lyrics change...
(Yes) Ah...wait....wait...
You can easily make mistakes in the first time
Are you guys going too overboard?
Today is the first time so of course mistakes can be made easily
We can't help that
No matter how big or small, there must be no mistakes
We just want you to be more concerned...
You can do well, you can do well
But now we aren't playing games, 5000 people are going to come (right)
I will do well
Let's not act like how we were in the practice room, we must get the job done
I'm going off to check the other things
Let's shout fighting together
(Manager's basic duties - rehearsal situation, checking complete)
MBLAQ FIGHTING (for the perfect performance)
We have to sort everything and ensure no mistakes
(Not realising, already debuted for 4 years)
(Reason why the dream has become reality, is because we believe it is possible)
(Today's performance is for fans who understand us more than ourselves)
(5000 Japanese fans waiting for MBLAQ)
(All sold out, in the center of the Hallyu wave, MBLAQ)
(Their grand show will start soon)
(MBLAQ be healthy~)
(Concert starting with cheers from the managers)
(Thousands of Japanese fans going wild when MBLAQ enters)
(Magnificent performance start)
(MBLAQ's stage full of charisma)
(Watching the atmosphere is also a duty of the managers)
(Mood of the concert is reaching its highest point)
(Not only fans, even managers are high)
(Song ends in a boiling atmosphere)
Managers! (Coming~)
One shoe is broken
I must wear it during encore stage
Mir: Pass me some tissues (Hurry go get it)
Wipe your sweat (G.O: I need a shoe right now)
Shoe for encore stage? (Mir: need a shoe like this)
What shoe? (G.O: shoe to wear during encore stage)
So I need a shoe right now
What kind of shoe?
Boots, or something similar to this, just find a pair
Boots? Want us to go buy shoes now?
Yes, right now
I'll give you a business card
First call the telephone number
But it is all Japanese (All Japanese!)
I can understand the last few lines
A bolt out of the blue
This is like a bolt out of the blue
So sorry but please
So boots is alright?
Let's hurry up and go
(30 minutes away from encore)
(Sudden incident)
Japan metro stores might have them (Walk faster!)
There is only a few left, what can we do?!
If here doesn't work.... then they need the shoes right now...
(Who knows the location of the shoes? ~)
Excuse me... here... here...
Is it this place?... This is over here...
Excuse me...
(Only know the japanese word "excuse me")
Excuse me... is here.... here?
(Finally met a saviour after 10 minutes)
This is... here?
Ummm... ummm....
(There is no more time before the performance!)
Why not picking up the phone?
(Can MBLAQ successfully complete their encore stage?)
(Next week)
Where? where? I'm now near the hotel
I'm going now, but I have no money~
This is % okay
You seem to be the type that Japanese really like
You have sharp eyes and good acting
Wake up Seungho!~ Lee Joon!~
Are you alright?
Is it good, waking you up like this?
What did you do? You did it too?
If you don't do it, what are you going to do ?
You will just be here doing this...
Managers work is never ending
After the rehearsal yesterday, even though we are tired
there are things to be done, recovering information
Really... now I think of it
Being an artist is the best
When everything is finished you just walk off
But now we have to finish off the endings and other things
The basic requirement for a manager is
Besides developing them, we also have to create a good image for them
So you have to record everything
The title is quite good~
You thought about it before? (Yes)
Accepting the beauty, attack from the reporter
I also thought of something (What)
MBLAQ Yang Seungho
makes beautiful woman cry~
How about we just say "makes woman cry"?
Must include "beautiful"...
Why does everything have to revolve around you?!
Why did you write G.O? ~
Look at mine~
MBLAQ has taken over Japan
Ah that is meaningless
Why meaningless? (It's boring)
What do you mean boring?
This kind is really like that
When I was your age, we couldn't even say words like "boring"
How is it boring?
Hello~ (Yes)
How are you? (Oh yes, yes)
I have become MBLAQ's manager
As a manager, we would report information and send it to the press
So I have recorded everything
The title we chose is MBLAQ takes over Japan
Look alike to MBLAQ Joon's mother, Park Kyung Lim's show with MBLAQ
MBLAQ's Yang Seungho makes a beautiful woman cry
What do you think of the title?
I still have to read the contents (right)
You have to see the beauty level right? (of Sae Rom)
MBLAQ G.O accepting beauty (?) attack from the reporter
If that is true, then to the audience, that would be very interesting
Then out of all those, just considering the title, which one is best for the news?
Umm I think the 4th one
You should change phones
You want to be that way? You have known me for so many years
Ah~ no ,no, then which one is your title?
First one and second one
What, so changing to the first one now?
Then please, you must post it on the main page of the website
I will read the contents in a detailed way
Okay~ Thank you~
Can we do less work today?
You can't film here, is this the poster?
You are now watching the evolution of a zebra