CHRYED - C & S story 41 - july 31 2009 - SUB

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Z: You've been to see him? S: Look, I was just being polite.
Z: And? S: What do you mean 'and'?
Z: Well, well what was he like? S: Well, he'd been beaten up, so not particularly good.
Z: What are the police doing? S: He hasn't been to the police.
Z: Why not? S: I dunno.
Z: He'll be ashamed, no doubt. S: Why?
Z: Well, it's an embarrassing thing to admit. S: Are you saying it's his fault?
Z: No, of course not! I'm just saying that if you put yourself in situations like that, then you should be prepared for-
S: Look, mum! Z: What? S: Let's just drop it.
Z: I am not saying that I don't feel sorry for him, okay, I do.
I like Christian, but that doesn't mean that I have to approve of his- [door opening sound]
Did he say he was coming in? I know Ian's not in today and your father's doing his round, what do I say?
C: Morning.
Z: Um, Christian. C: Zainab. Syed.
Z: I'll, uh, just... go and make a cup of tea.
Z: That was Denise.
She's upset, so I'm going to go and meet her in the caf, okay, I don't suppose I'll be more than about twenty minutes.
S: So nothing to do with wanting a slice of chocolate cake then?
Z: No, no it's not, Denise is my friend and she needs help. And when your friend needs help, then you go.
That's the rules. And no slacking off while I'm away!
S: Hmm, what is she like? Christian?
C: Sometimes your mother amuses me. Other times, she makes me sick. Today is one of those other times.
J: Oh, you poor thing.
C: Didn't have you down as the compassionate type, Janine.
J: Well, I might not be gay, but I do know what it feels like to be victimised. I'm like... gay on the inside.
C: Really. R: Right, anybody waiting?
J: Oh, yeah, I'll have a large vodka and tonic please, bartender. And whatever Christian's having.
C: Thanks. I'll have the same.
J: Can you excuse me for one moment?
C: What was all that about? J: She still blames me for Danielle's death.
C: Thanks. J: Well it's inevitable, I suppose. Otherwise you have to think about her part in it,
starting with the fact that she gave her daughter up for adoption when she was fourteen.
C: That was an issue even before Danielle died. J: You're talking about Joel, I take it?
C: You know about Joel? J: Yeah, she told me all about it.
C: She tell you about the school reunion? J: When was that again?
C: Can't remember, some time before Christmas. She needed someone to hold her hand. That someone was me.
J: And this was all because of Joel? C: Yeah, she wanted to track him down.
J: Really? C: Didn't turn up though.
J: So you think she still wants to track him down? C: Hardly. I mean, I wouldn't, would you? J: No.
C: I, uh, need to get back to work. J: Okay.
C: Thanks for the drink. J: You're welcome.
C: What d'you want?
S: I'm coming with you. C: Where?
S: The police station.
Moral support.
C: Okay.
S: What are you waiting for?
C: I'm not sure I can go through with this. S: Look, how about I go in with you?
C: At least when you push me away, I know where I stand. When you're like this it's- S: What?
C: Very confusing.
S: Come on. C: No. It's kind of you, but..
this is something I'm gonna have to do on my own.
Go on then.
S: Not until I've seen you walk through that door.
C: Now there's trust for ya.
S: Well?
C: What you doing here? S: How did it go?
C: You've not been waiting for me all this time?
S: Are you gonna invite me home?
C: Come on.