Agatha Christie's Poirot Muder on the Orient Express 2010 Chapter 1

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Lieutenant, you lie to Poirot!
You say that you were in the barracks by midnight.
But Poirot has proved this to be false!
At a quarter to 1:00 in the morning,
you were seen over two miles away
in the company of the woman who died!
General, this is not a murder,
as is suggested by the Palestinian police.
But I do believe that the lieutenant
lied about his whereabouts... first, out of panic.
And then by sticking to this lie,
by reinforcing it with lie after lie,
through weeks and weeks of deception,
he has heaped suspicion and the deep shame
on himself, his regiment, and his wife.
General, the neck of this woman
was not broken by the human hand but by a fall.
You see here where her neck,
it is broken in not one but two places.
Put it down!
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Before I take my leave of you in Stamboul, monsieur... commanding officer has once more
asked me to impress upon you his thanks
for solving our regimental difficulty.
If I may speak out of turn, sir...
...I think it unjust that one mistake
cost Lieutenant Morris so dearly.
He was a good man who was involved in an accident.
He made an error of judgment.
He was a good man.
It did not have to end in suicide.
I think he believed he had no choice.
Oh. A man like your friend, lieutenant, always has choice.
And it was his choice to lie
that brought him into difficulty with the law.
Mr. Ratchett, sir.
The details have arrived for the Italian properties, sir.
Very good, sir.
We're almost there. Don't rush.
- What time is the train again? - Down here.
What time is it, John. We mustn't miss it.
It's 9:00. Don't worry.
No, don't.
When it's all over... then.
- What's happening? - What's happening?
Hey. Hey! Leave this woman alone!
What's happening here?
She's pregnant another man's child.
The husband wants justice.
- We can't... What can we do? - Mary.
Come here! Come here, Mary!
- No! - Mary.
John, stop them. What will they do to her?
- No! - Mary! Mary!
Mary, please. Please.
Here. Come away.
Welcome to the Tokatlian, monsieur.
Merci. And may I inquire if you have for me any messages?
You may, and... do, monsieur.
I am so sorry, but I will have to cancel my reservation.
I am called back to London but immediately.
Of course.
And if you would be so kind
as to book for me a passage tonight on the Orient Express.
- Of course, sir. - Merci.
Leave that alone. Leave that alone.
If I'd needed assistance, boy, I'd have asked for it.
Hercule Poirot?
Hercule Poirot, this is you.
What are you doing in Istanbul?
Monsieur, I... I travel from Palestine to London.
So, uh, you will be traveling back on the Orient Express?
- Oui. Tonight. - So am I!
I am the director of the line, you see?
Oh, but... Pardon. Of course. It's M. Bouc.
Forgive me. Now I remember.
Of course you do. I'm... - Monsieur. I am sorry, monsieur.
This evening the Calais coach
on the Orient Express is fully booked.
Is it? - But I will travel tomorrow.
No, no, no. There will be a berth for you, Poirot.
We keep things back. There is always room.
It is my business, and you will be fine.