Film choc lycée banlieue : VIOL SEXE VIOLENCE ! Shocking video : RAPE SEX VIOLENCE (+Eng.Sub/HD)

Uploaded by PrinceMazarin on 18.12.2011

To agonising souls
When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
Get down! on your knees!
Come on, drink it.
I don't believe it...
Look who's here!
Come here fuckin' jerk!
Screw him! Blow his ass!
Get the shit out of him
Next time we call you, you answer!
Got it?
What's wrong with you?
Leave him alone
Stop it now
Come in
Good morning sir
My name is Hui Wu
Are you new?
I'm sorry?
Are you new?
Yes, yes I'm a new student
Do you mind?
My name is Hui Wu, you ...
Stop messing with me!
Good morning sir
I am sorry for being late
Well that's a nice start...
Take a seat
Next to me babe
Come'n sit with me
This is crazy!
My name is Marie
You are?
Nic... Nicolas
Nice to meet you Nicolas
I can't believe it
What is it?
Why do you bother? Go on with your class
Stop talking to me like that!
Show some respect
He's bustin too much
I still want to know what's so crazy
Too many mofos around
What does that mean?
Can't you make entire sentences
In French if possible
So that everybody understands you
What the fuck!
He said you were son of migrant
Fuck you motherfucker
Don't talk 'bout my mother
I talk 'bout whomever I want
Ain't nothing you can do 'bout it
I'll get the shit out of you
Is it always like this over here?
Stop it I say
Sit down!
Sit down!!
Stop it now!
It looks like you've been through a lot of things..
You are not wrong
You are from...?
I'll throw out the next one who opens his mouth!
But sir, are you out of your mind?
Don't be so rude!
Of course when it comes to me
I'm being too violent
Looks like we are shooting a movie here!
Why don't we make a movie by the way?
All I needed!
However with you guys,
I would never be short of ideas
It's simple
You make a scene everyday!
What can you do now huh?
Come on!
Get the fuck out of him!
Djibril stop it!
Wait for me
You don't loose your time
When class is over
You can tell me where you leave now
Are you sure you are okay?
Yes.. yes
Don't worry
I am a sportswoman you know
I've been practicing athletism since I'am a child
But I haven't been great these days
I have had pains...
Forget it, it's nothing
You know, I'll end up by thinking
That you don't wanna tell me where you live
I live at five minutes from here
You just to go along the "Grande rue"
"Le quartier des roses" you mean?
Yes, do you know the place?
You're kidding me!
I also live there
This is amazing!
Shall we go then?
Hey where are headed?
What are you up to?
Got a thing to do
Nothing nothing,
Just going to the rest
I told you I didn’t want to!
You cunt!
Damn it!
Shut it!
What are you doing?
Open! Open your mouth
Don’t act smart bitch!
What’s up nigga?
What are you staring at?
This will never happen to you dumass!
Out of my way bitch!
What are you doing with that piece of shit?
Who are you talking about?
Stop it. You know who I’m talking about
Don’t act like I am a moron
I think he’s cute, that’s all.
Do you think we don’t know what this is all about?
What do you mean?
We all know you use him for assignments.
He does all the work for you doesn’t he?
You’re a clever girl aren’t you?
Anyway, we all did that with him.
He is the kind of loner guy,
who spends time at the library
or cries like an ass in the toilets.
You should stop roaming around with him, seriously.
He could get wrong ideas for nothing.
With all the guys you could get, I don’t get it.
Seriously, ask the others if you don’t believe me.
Your father seems to apreciate this boy
I think they'll get along well
And it changes from the last rascal you brought us
Your dad was so furious that day
He could have killed someone
Do you mind if Nicolas stays
We have some assignments for tomorrow
Fine, but not too late
I don't want his parents to worry
And tell your father
Thank you mom!
Yes mommy...
Don't do anything stupid
I.. I’m sorry
Why are you sorry?
I... I mean
I couldn't last
You were great
You can tell me I was bad
I'm used to it now
Nicolas it was very good
Plus it was your first time
You'll get better
Come and kiss me
A real dumass!
He's so stupid
Won't guess a damn thing
Even if he does
Who gives a fuck?
What's important
is that my parents like him
Yeah that's it!
I'll make them believe
that I'm pregnant of him
If they get to know?
I had no choice
They'll shout at me
But it wasn't like I was pregnant of you
An arab! No way!
Remember the day you met my dad?
He wanted to get the shit out of you
He was like
I see you again with him
You get the fuck out of my house!
You don't know a thing 'bout him
My dad never talks bullshit
But he likes him badly
with his faggot looks
and his Moliere quotes bullshit
He has them into his pocket!
Why do you ask?
You want to get his ass?
His name is Nicolas
Yeah what a fuckin name!
I'm so brilliant
Don't laugh too much
You can't imagine what I'm going through for you
I can't get an abortion
It's been more then three months
So I can't
I have tried everything
You've emptied your balls
You're happy
But I'm the one paying for it!
I did'nt know your condom had broken
Neither did you notice
And you were damn wild that day!
So it's your fault
It makes you laugh?
You're really a piece of shit
Because of you
I had to fuck with a virgin
He was already done in ten seconds