CGRundertow TOP 25 NINTENDO WII GAMES: 15-11 Video Game Feature

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 21.09.2012

Well, weíre almost halfway through our countdown of the top 25 Wii games of all-time. And if
you thought it might have some kind of predictable midpoint monotony...well, Iím guessing you
didnít expect this. Coming in at #15, itís the fifth best-selling Wii game in history...itís
New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
And Iím also guessing people will say, ìWait, how can New Super Mario Bros. Wii be only
the fifteenth best Wii game?î Well, keep in mind that fifteenth-best still means itís
one of the best. This is an ultra-polished, super-tight, vintage platforming experience,
the likes of which Nintendo does best...but thereís nothing particularly Wii about it.
This game is way too good to ignore, but itís too safe to rank any higher.
From a little too safe to a little this.
The games of Suda 51 are notorious for being among the most twisted in the entire industry,
but theyíre also known for being stylish, innovative and fun...characteristics that
also define the very best Wii games. Like two peas in a pod full of corpses, the combination
of Suda and the Wii led to No More Heroes 2, one of its generationís boldestóand most
deplorableóaction games.
From the moment it was unveiled, everyone knew Capcom had something special in Project
Treasure Island Z. But even after a big marketing campaign, huge prerelease buzz...and a stupid
name...Zack and Wiki didnít have the retail impact it deserved to. Nonetheless, this brilliant
puzzler is still one of the Wiiís best games...and a go-to example of how its controller could
revitalize an entire genre.
Like Zack and Wiki, Boom Blox is one of those games that perfectly sums up what this system
is all about. It combines a simple conceptójust knock down all the stuffówith a simple control
schemeójust throw stuff. Not many Wii games have motion controls as satisfying and enjoyable
as Bash Party, and its level editorócomplete with seamless online integrationóopened up
user creativity like few Wii games have.
You could be cynical about this game. You could say itís too easy, itís too sweet,
itís too...pretty and pink...and freaking Molly Ringwald. Beneath that semblance of
sugar and saccharine, this is actually one of the most cleverly designed platformers
on the system. Epic Yarn turns Kirbyís world into an arts and crafts store, and although
the effect is just beautiful, itís the way the idea is woven into the gameplay that makes
Kirbyís Epic Yarn such a joy to play.
It may not be hard, know...cottonís not supposed to be.
And I know this is hard, but youíre going to have to wait for the top ten. Because this
wraps up part three of our feature on the top 25 Wii games of all-time. Come back for
part two, place your bets...and go play Kirbyís Epic Yarn.
Itís okay, guys. Thereís nothing to be ashamed of.