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Imagine if the birth of Jesus, wasn't 2000 years ago in Bethlehem
But if it happened today, in Panama City.
What would Mary and Joseph look like?
Where would Jesus have been born?
Would he have been born in Panama's best hospital?
With the best doctors and nurses?
Would the people of Panama recieve him as the heavenly king He is?
If it happened today, it might be more or less like this...
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama Presents
Together with LCMS World Mission
A Christmas story
Made for and by the people of Panama
Directed by James Neuendorf
Produced by Milton and Marilu Castillo
Starring Fina Caisamo
and Alberto Ortega
The Arrival
I will meet you in Cinco de Mayo
Don't worry, this baby is a blessing from God.
[Today: Adult Films, Opens at 10 A.M.]
[Civil Registry]
Ok, we'll talk later, yes, yes, yes, bye...
Well I came here, good day,
Because they told me I had to register, in order to marry
and that I had to bring a witness...
and he's from the Darien?
Who is he? Is he the father of the baby?
no, but I'm going to be responsible for Him.
yes?, uh huh, yes, yes, yes,
Of course of course, don't worry I can help you!
look, you have to bring two people from the Darien
They have to be from the reservation, he can't be the witness
So if not, then you aren't going to be able to register...
yeah yeah yeah
No, I can help you here...
[Palm Readings, Health, Money and Love, Lucky Numbers]
'We're sorry, your credit is too low to complete this call'
Romans 5:15
He who was the light was coming into the world
and the world was created through Him
but the world didn't recieve Him, He came into His own, but His own did not receive Him
What indignity, that the creator of the immense universe
didn't even have a decent space to be born
that the perfect God had to come and live in so much sin and filth
He must have had a big motivation to do so.
This message is worthy to be accepted by all
That Jesus Christ came to the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst.
As sinners and enemies of God, we couldn't and can't choose His path.
But He didn't wait for us to accept Him, He came to us
died and rose for us
and now gives us faith as a gift.
But when the time came,
God sent his son, born of a woman, born under the law
to rescue those who were under the law.
so we could be adopted as His children.
From the moment of the Fall, God promised to restore His beloved creation.
In a sinful world, God sent His Son Jesus Christ
by means of a humble and sinful woman
to rescue her and all of us sinners
to forgive us, and adopt us as His children
Only a God who has wept and felt the pain of being human
could carry the sin of the world
In terms of the law, this came to increase the transgression
but were sin abounds, how much more so does grace!
This is the best gift you've recieved this Christmas!
If you believe this, God has given you faith, now care for it and feed it with His word.
and share it with your whole community!
Merry Christmas and remember that God has blessed you!
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