Extra weft fabric with Arahne textile design software

Uploaded by arahpaint4 on 07.01.2011

Extra weft design with ArahWeave
Open an image in ArahPaint.
We use the image from previous video, with minor modifications.
Switch to the repeat mode
Add three colors
Protect all ground colors but red, which will be recolored
Select the rectangular tool (double click for fill)
Recolor the flowers, use only one color horizontally
Save the image and close ArahPaint
Open ArahWeave
Select Jacquard Conversion (Weave > Jacquard conversion)
Load the image by using the Load recent menu
Change the Jacquard conversion mode from "Normal" to "Extra weft"
Set the weave System to 3: 1 ground weft + 2 extra wefts
Load weaves for the ground weft into first row (one weave for each color in the image)
For faster operation, copy the weaves with right mouse button
Continue with extra weft weaves
Program displays the resulting weave at the bottom
You can determine the yarn for particular area in the fabric
Click OK to apply the conversion
Click the "Remove extra wefts" icon to get rid of wefts which are not necessary
Check the weave
Extra weft are marked in blue, the regulator is drawn at the right side of the weave
Check the simulation
You can reverse the fabric to see if everything is OK on the other side
Save the fabric as a jacquard weaving file (Weave > Save cards for production)
Before saving the cards, check the card preview
Chose the Jacquard format, and save the file to desktop.