Change Management explained in 1 minute!

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Modern organizations face constantly varying market conditions, customer demands, technologies,
input costs and competition.
They must adapt to these shifting forces to avoid being eaten up.
Change management is managing the impact that these crucial adaptations can have on an organization's
Four typical responses to change are the critic who opposes the change, the victim who panics,
the bystander who ignores the change and the navigator who is empowered to work with the
changing circumstances.
The challenge for managers is to help people become navigators.
Here's some things we know that help this happen:
1) Communicate the threat of NOT changing 2) Where possible, involve your team in decision
making 3) Minimise uncertainty
4) Celebrate successes in moving towards the goal
5) Keep explaining the reasons why we're changing
Remember, when there is an information vacuum, people often assume that managers are plotting
terrible things
So 6) Be as transparent as possible
To summarize: Organizations must continiually adapt in order
to survive. To create change navigators, communicate the
threat (of not changing), involve the team, minimize uncertainty, celebrate positive shifts
and be as transparent as possible.