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Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 13.10.2012

Ok this is a video on a calculus solver for calculus problems, my programs are perfect
for solving all kinds of solving calculus questions and problems. The are designed for
tests really, I’m not interested that you learn it or that you memorize it, I am interested
that you learn enough to pass tests and get out of calculus somehow. That’s what my
programs were designed for me to do, and hopefully for you if you purchase them. Anyways let’s
get started – you press second alpha to put the I n d e x in the calculator, then
you push alpha eight and closed parenthesis to get to my menu, then you press enter and
up comes my menu. You can scroll down for many, many different things. I have graphing
by hand, ya know, concavity and vectors where you can put in a and b vectors. Here’s cos
of a and b which is two vectors, and you find the angle of it. Definite integral, Definition
of derivative, which is pretty interesting. Equations of lines, integrate, gradient, graphing
by hand, implicit differentiation, Inflection point, graphing by hand, limits, line integral,
log - p and q points – P and Q points is interesting because that’s in calculus three
really, because they give you the end points and these vectors show direction, where the
other vectors show just, they are really called scalars, but this is actually a directional
vector, when you get p and q points, x y and z variables. Well let’s do p and q points
here to see what happens. Wait for it to load here, and you’re going to put the – you’ll
notice your going to have to put the x value in, you’re going to have to press alpha
and put eight, that’s what they’ll give you in test, and then you are doing the y
value, and so your going to put alpha minus nine, and then alpha, I don’t know maybe
put four in here. An then we’re going to do the q point of the vector, again alpha,
let’s go minus five, alpha minus eight, and alpha ten. I show you the points, what
you’ve entered, see if you want them right, you look at your test to see if you’ve entered
them correct, and then if they’re correct, we press ok, and we can do all kinds of these
different things, sphere equation, we can do sphere radius, we can scroll down to sphere
radius – sphere remember is calculus three because we’re into spheres, which are three
dimensional things. Here we have the mid point, we can go mid point here. Center of a sphere
is a mid point and it’s given by pq, I give you the formulas, and here we have four minus
eighteen over two, and then calculates to that vector. Standard equation, press five,
these are all standard equations – center point, press two, center of a sphere is the
midpoint and is given by pq, there’s the center again, we already did that. Radius,
there’s radius, it’s a square root and then squares within the square root, approximately
seven point eighteen units. So make sure that when you look for a calculus solver, that
you are looking at my programs, because on the Titanium there is no better solver for
calculus than what my programs do, people have said that over and over again. Every
step calculus dot com, check it out.